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Open Forum Friday!!!! TGIF

Morning Everybody. I actually got a thread so figured I start out the forum for today.

Question- how close to your delivery did you work? I'm 33 weeks now and planning to work right up to my due date, but I'm telling yah-every morning it gets harder and harder to get out of bed and put on a happy face. :o) Just curious what y'all did?
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I worked up until my water broke.  However, about 2 weeks before my due date the doctor cut back my hours to 6 a day instead of 8.  I worked up until April 8, water broke April 10 and had him April 11 (120 am).  But I know what you mean about putting on a happy face.  It is hard to do when you are retaining about 30 pounds of fluid, 9 pounds of baby and more weight for other stuff.  You can do it girl.  I complained on this forum everyday!  Vent all you want, we have been there.  Good luck!
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I worked up and past my due date with my youngest son.  I had to be induced.  It was difficult to work up to my due date, but there was no happy face to be found after.  It is good to work as long as you safely can and safe your time for after the baby is born.  
I am a teacher now and I need to be there as long as I can for my students.  
Just think that each day you spend at work before the baby is born is one more day to spend with him/her once she is here and that time will be precious to you!
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I worked/went to school right up until the day.  I actually told everyone he had to stayin tillhis due date because I had to be in the lab on the friday I went home from lab mowed the lawn finished wallpapering his room and tehn went into labor in the wee hours of teh saturday morning - on my due date!
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How did you manage labour after all the work you did?
I still waiting to have my first, have only be trying for 2 months. Mabey next month will be the one(fingers crossed)
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I worked up until a few days with my first two, but my third, I worked only up until one week before my due date (had my dr. write me out).  The only reason I took off early for my third is my disability insurance had a one week waiting period and if I waited until the delivery date of my child, I would have lost one weeks worth of pay (only receiving 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks).  If you have disability insurance, you might want to check the details of it so you don't short yourself.  In addition if you go out early and are only granted the FMLA (12 weeks off) from your employer, you will be using your time before your baby arrives.  I hope I have been of some help to you.  Good luck.
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You have problems FAR and above a questionable pregnancy test.  

As mgi said, you need professional help.  Your husband is controlling and demeaning.  Anyone who won't "let" you spend $40 (or $5 on a HPT) on a freaking blood pressure monitor is NOT, I REPEAT NOT, interested in YOU or your health in any way, shape, or form.

Sounds like a sick relationship is making you sick, too.  My heart goes out to you--my first husband was a controlling *******, too.  It is so difficult to recognize it, call it what it is, and to get out of it when you finally realize it isn't  going to change.  

I'm so sorry you are going through this.  There probably isn't a way for you to get counseling--you husband will correctly perceive a counselor as a threat to his nice little "set-up" he has going on, and will have a fit and not "let" you go.  You will have to make a decision at that time as to what to do next--look deep in your heart and you will find the answer.  You don't want your child seeing that kind of controlling behaviour as normal, or your child will grow up to be either a controller or a person who is always being controlled.  Neither is healthy.

Good luck to you.
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It must be difficult in the States to have to work so close to your date. I could see why though, with only 12 weeks mat leave. I think that every woman should be allowed a couple weeks off before baby is born just to rest and prepare, without cutting into mat leave.  I know some people love work and might get bored being off, but I find that it's nice to be at home and just get the 'nest' ready.  I'm also trying to sleep as much as I can. My original plan was to work up to two weeks before my due date, but I had to go off earlier on doctors orders....
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My job standardly allows 8 weeks for maternity leave for a caesarean (sp) birth... I do have disability insurance, but I only get 6 weeks paid at 100% and the rest would be at 60%. I have a 7 day waiting period on mine too (I saved enough vacation time to cover it) but I'd really like to stay out 7 weeks after the baby was born so I'm trying to brave it out. But DANG!! My pelvic bones hurt whenever I walk, I have heartburn so bad sometimes it wakes me up, I get more tired every day, and I just overall feel really FAT and GRUMPY!! :o) I know, I'm whining, and it's really all worth it, I just wondered what other people did and how you handled the late pregancy discomforts while at work.  I guess I'm blessed to have the disability insurance at least, otherwise I don't know what I would do.
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I was in the military when I had my first son.  They were nice enough to cut my hours back to a 40 hour work week after week 28.  My son was breech so my doctor scheduled me to have a c-section on a Wednesday.  I went to work that tuesday.  They were going to send me to the field (yes the woods) when I got back from Maternity leave so I ended up extending it, I didn't feel quite ready for it yet.  I did however have to run a company 4 miler the first week I got back, that really blew! :)
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Hi there,
Tried to find your original thread just so I could reply and let you know that I am also in Newfoundland (Avalon). It seems as if you are having some spouse trouble. I'm happy to talk if you wish reply....

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She is 12lbs 15oz  22-7/8"  at 2-1/2 months.  90th percentile for weight and 60th for height.

No more McDonlads for her.
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At AJ's 9 week 2 day visit, he was 13 lb 11 oz and 25 3/4 inches.  He had gained almost 5 pounds and grew 3 1/4 inches!  That was in 7 weeks.  I think he is going to be a big boy!  He was in the 100th %tile for height and weight and 60th for head circumference.  Doctor said it was fine that way!
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