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Open Forum Monday

Good morning ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Kassimom - Ya know the funny thing about this UTI is that I'm not having any pain when I go to the bathroom. I just had a lot of back pain and didn't know why. Who knows....Crazy stuff happens when you're preggo! I hope all goes well with your "Mom" situation.

Well, I go Thursday for an U/S, and maybe we can see what this little peanut is! I have a friend who administers Epidurals and she is working OB on Thursday, so she told me to come by for a freebee! How wonderful is that! I just hope this little one will cooperate!

How is everyone else doing????
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I am so jealous being that this little bugger had s/he legs crossed and I couldn't tell.  It will probably be the only ultrasound I get, and just a remark about the rude nurses well I had a horrible experience with the U/S tech. I work in the medical field and nothing makes me more mad than a rude staff member regardless of what they deal with it they should not take it out on the patients.  As for UTIs I get them all the time and have pretty much as far back as I can remember and the symptoms for me are usually a lot of pressure in the vaginal area and an urge to pee all the time.
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Emma1- I hope you mean freebie U/S and not a freebie epidural! LOL I can't wait to know what you are having!! I don't get to find out for another couple of weeks. DH decided NOT to get the 3D u/s unless we need it and a Dr administers it. I can't wait to find out! Last night I dreamed that I had the baby very early. Scary! How have you been feeling? Other than the backache....ouch! How did your AFP go? I guess you haven't ehard anything back yet? I go in tomorrow. I get more nervous as it gets closer. I just keep thinking that I haven't had a test come back normal with this preg yet, so why should this one. Crossing my fingers...

capermom-How are you feeling? We jsut might have us all some Thanksgiving babies!! Wouldn't it be funny if we all delivered on the same day!! Maybe there is a full moon right around our due dates.....hhmmm.

All-For those who want an update on my own personal drama (like I needed this now) I emailed my mother and tols her I was unhappy with her method of going about trying to visit my DD but that I didn't want to keep thema apart and would agree to a lunch if she could agree on a few ground rules. Seems reasonable, right? We shall see.
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LOL My DD had her butt buried in my cervix and so we didn't get to tell the first time either. Luckily the nurse was as curious as we were (she predicted a girl by the HB from the first visit and wanted to prove she was right). Also, it helped that DD was breech. WOOHOO-free u/s to see if she turned!! Granted we had to wait until I was about 30 weeks, but hey , that's 10 wks to prepare?? LOL
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Hi all. Well I'm a little confused. This is my first month charting and my temp took an all out nosedive today. I don't think it is O time yet but we will see. Here is my chart if anyone wants to take a look.

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missy - that's what I keep thinking, is that h/she won't have it's little legs open. But, what's the old wives tale about what you dream??? I have had 3 distinct dreams that this one is a girl! One time she had curly hair and the other times not much hair at all. If the heartburn tale is true, this baby will need a hair cut the first day! Ha! How are you feeling??? I go see my OB this Thursday for my regular appt. and boy will she get an ear full! She started this practice, so I'm sure she will be interested to know what all has taken place. I left a message for the office manager to call me back, but guess what.....No response! Typical!

Kassimom - I am sitting on pins and needles just waiting for the phone to ring with someone on the other end saying it's Angie from Dr. K's office! They should have the results back tomorrow or Wed. I should receive my doppler tomorrow! That's exciting! But what I really want to hear is that my test results came back normal! I'm sure your's will be fine!!! It's the dang waiting, that's the hardest! My opinion about your mom is that if she can't comply with the terms that you have asked her too, then she doesn't really care that much to see your DD in the first place. Any grandmother, would jump through hoops to do anything to see their grandchild! But like I said, that's just my opinion! I hope it all goes well for you!

How are Capermom and CMN doing?
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It is very exciting to find out the sex - I had my U/S on Friday, and they couldn't tell!  I was a little disappointed but got over it quickly - my DH was happy because he was trying to talk me into not finding out anyway.  So, at least one of us is happy!  I hope your little one cooperates.  It was very cool to see the baby - the tech spent a lot of time with us after all her measurements, showing us things, and even got a view of the baby's face, head on.   At one point, the baby had it's arm behind it's head, which was hilarious, because that's how I was laying, so I could lean up and see the screen.  We laughed.  Anyway, good luck with your test - I hope you find out, then I can live vicariously through you.  I think maybe I am not disappointed because I don't really have a preference.  I had a girl first, which I really wanted, but now I would be happy with both.  (NOT AT THE SAME TIME)
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