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Open Forum Thursday

Hi everyone, have fun with it. Kassimom~ Thanks for asking about me. I am ok, just very busy lately! Hope you all are doing great. COngrats on all those BFPs...
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have a good day.Very nice weather here in Toronto ..sunny and bright..take care
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I'm curious as too who has experienced a great deal of fatigue when they first got BFP and how soon did it start??
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Hey Mani, didn't know you were a Canadian!  Me too:)  From Alberta.  

Thanks everyone for your comments yesterday too.  Don't remember who told me to wait till I'm pg to worry about it...but thanks for the reminder.  It's so easy to get thinking as though I am and really hoping for it.  I'm sure others feel that way too.

Guinea, my anniversary is June 10th.  Very close to yours.  That would be fun if we ended up both getting BFP's this month.  no pressure for your florida trip though ;)

How's everyone else today?
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hey yeah i live in toronto, but i am an asian..so how long have u been trying
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mls1604 - Iv'e been pregnant twice in two months (first one m/c 3/28) and felt tired right away with both. I read that it's nature's way of slowing you down in order to allow mom's body to adjust to the changes going on. Enjoy it if you can!

My blood test results came back yesturday afternoon and my HCG level was at 964. I probably conceived on my husband's birthday, April 8th. Does any one know if my numbers sound good? It is really difficult to be very excited. It's like I expect same result as first pg. I know, not positive thinking, but I'm so afraid to be let down again. I haven't even told my DH yet. He's been sick and tired and grumpy lately and I just can't put the additional stress on him. Part because after we m/c last month he said next time not to tell him, just to let him guess. I don't think he wanted to get all happy and then go thru another loss. So, here I sit, knowing that only me, God, and "the girls" (as I so affectionately like to call all of you) know that I'm even pregnant. Any of you m/c and go on to have another pg stick?
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I just cried when I read you posting.  I feel so sad that this wonderful even makes you feel so lonely.  We are here for you.  I will write again later, my students are here now.
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