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Open Forum Thursday

Hi everyone, have fun with it. Kassimom~ Thanks for asking about me. I am ok, just very busy lately! Hope you all are doing great. COngrats on all those BFPs...
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have a good day.Very nice weather here in Toronto ..sunny and bright..take care
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I'm curious as too who has experienced a great deal of fatigue when they first got BFP and how soon did it start??
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Hey Mani, didn't know you were a Canadian!  Me too:)  From Alberta.  

Thanks everyone for your comments yesterday too.  Don't remember who told me to wait till I'm pg to worry about it...but thanks for the reminder.  It's so easy to get thinking as though I am and really hoping for it.  I'm sure others feel that way too.

Guinea, my anniversary is June 10th.  Very close to yours.  That would be fun if we ended up both getting BFP's this month.  no pressure for your florida trip though ;)

How's everyone else today?
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hey yeah i live in toronto, but i am an asian..so how long have u been trying
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mls1604 - Iv'e been pregnant twice in two months (first one m/c 3/28) and felt tired right away with both. I read that it's nature's way of slowing you down in order to allow mom's body to adjust to the changes going on. Enjoy it if you can!

My blood test results came back yesturday afternoon and my HCG level was at 964. I probably conceived on my husband's birthday, April 8th. Does any one know if my numbers sound good? It is really difficult to be very excited. It's like I expect same result as first pg. I know, not positive thinking, but I'm so afraid to be let down again. I haven't even told my DH yet. He's been sick and tired and grumpy lately and I just can't put the additional stress on him. Part because after we m/c last month he said next time not to tell him, just to let him guess. I don't think he wanted to get all happy and then go thru another loss. So, here I sit, knowing that only me, God, and "the girls" (as I so affectionately like to call all of you) know that I'm even pregnant. Any of you m/c and go on to have another pg stick?
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I just cried when I read you posting.  I feel so sad that this wonderful even makes you feel so lonely.  We are here for you.  I will write again later, my students are here now.
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Congratulations on the BFP.  I think your numbers sound fine.  Do you know if they are doubling like they are suppose to?  That is the most important thing.  Try to think positive about this pregnany.  I am sending positive thoughts your way.  Suzie
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Hope..........This is my 4th preg. after 2 m/c. My last was in Dec. I am 9wks2dys and so far so good. There is nothing I can tell you that will help you with the worry! My OB told me at my visit that if I couldn't get a handle on the anxiety that she could give me something. Any minute or any pain or anything, I'm thinking what's going on.

Make sure you have a very symapthetic OB. I have a really good one and I love her to death! Good luck to you! If you can hold out, surprise your DH on Father's Day with it.
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Thank you Cheesetoo, it means a lot.
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sthomab - My thoughts exactly. If I know they are doubling than I would be calmer. Will try to get blood test next week. I think that would help me be more positive and make me want to tell DH.

Emma1 - I'm very sorry for your losses. Our angles are probably up in heaven right now playing together in the clouds! Congrats on your 9wks2dys! Do you have other children? I have a new OB and am waiting for the refferal, as my last one creeped us out. My DH was like "He's not touching you again or my children"!! :)

WOW! What a great idea to tell DH for Father's day. It's so far away though. Maybe I can find Father's Day card in store soon and give it to him early!
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One more quick ? for everyone. My doctor told me that this could be "the month" from the looks of my ultrasound and my egg folicles. Anyway, I have to get my progestrone levels tested between day 22-26. Does anyone know if I have to test one of these days or are you suppose to test everyday????? I'm no sure what is suppose to happen. And at what number are your levels suppose to be at the first time you test and where are they suppose to go from there?? Sorry if I sound a little confusing....this is our first time!! :)
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Good luck with your pregnancy, I am eight weeks pregnant m/c in Feb 04 (lost twins)and trying to stay positive, have faith in God and focussed.

We have all just got to try and remember our little ones in heaven and realise that this is a different pregnancy - things will work out just fine!
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Telling DH the wonderful news in a early father's day card is a wonderful idea.  You are so creative.  I know what you mean about the women here on the forum, I tell my DH "well my friends said this or that".  Oh I also meant to put a "T" on even for event. sorry

Emma,  I hadn't realized you had 4 m/c's.  That is so so sad.  How are you feeling today?  Boy you are really close to 12 weeks.  It won't be long now.  Best wishes to you and to everyone.

My doctor told us to wait 2 cycles but with all this positive energy here on the forum, I think I am going to bd this weekend.  It will be CD 8 and every other day through the month. Maybe I'll get my wish too.

Baby dust to all.
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Hope2baMommy-I think 90% of us have m/c and gone on to have a pg stick!! I know it's hard but be positive!!

My sister forwarded me this little quiz thing that is going around her high school classmates in email. She always forwards me that kind of stuff and I like to get it jsut because it's funny to read the things high school girls write about. Anyway, one of the questions was "If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?" and my sister had put down "The neice or nephew that was miscarried" !!! I wanted to cry! She is 15 yrs old and I thought that was SO thoughtful! When most of her firends were probalby putting down Ricky Martin or Justin Timberlake, my sister wanted to meet my lost baby!!!
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Sorry emma I thought I had read 4 m/c' I was wrong, excuse my error.
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Also Kassimom - that is the sweetest thing about your sister.  Made me tear up.  I know I can't wait to meet my babies in heaven.  

Chesseto (sp?) :)  - good luck with the BD :)
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Hope, I'm sure everything will be fine with you. Sorry your DH feels that way, I'm sure it's just he doesn't want to face any more heartache. Just let him guess, I'm sure it won't take him long.

Hey Emma, how are you feeling anyway. Haven't had a chat with you in awhile. Any new symptoms or complaints.

As far as the tirdness someone asked about, it seems to start a week or so after you find out and get's worse by the day. LOL

If you guys have a chance to read my post up above, I would appreciate it. It's just some things I am worried about.

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Hope-I am sending you a big bear hug cause I know how you feel. My DH told me the same thing when I had my m/c.  He told me he would rather guess but I think that was just cause it was so much to take in at the moment.  I m/c on his birthday.  We have both grown to talk about the issue and not feel sad about it now and now, he told me that when we get blessed again with a little one that he wants to know but for it to be between the 2 of us (I kinda sorta told EVERYBODY very earlier) till after the 1st trimester.
I know your DH told you that he would rather guess next time but you have been blessed again and he should share this time with you the way we and God are sharing it with you. Capermom has been my inspiration because she and I m/c around the same time and now she is PG again and everything is going very well for her.
You and the baby are fine and I know its difficult to not stress but try not to.

Cazip-Last night I started thinking that I MAY be PG cause I have been very nausea lately.  I mean off and on for the past few days-which is very weird.  You know what they say, it tends to happen when you least expect it so we will see.  Now that I have been focusing more on planning the vacation--14 days and counting lol, I haven't been stressing myself so much with when did I ovulate and all that good stuff.  We will see...keep me posted!

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Mani, where are you from in Asia?  I visited Taiwan a while ago.  I had my first mc last June and another in January, so i've been ttc off and on since last june I guess.  you?  are you pg? ttc?

Guinea...that makes me so excited!  Hopefully you get a BFP.  Isn't that the truth...when you don't expect it, it comes. I keep thinking i'm having symptoms too, like dizzy or peeing lots or feeling nausea, especially since what I think was implantation spotting... but I'm hoping I won't get AF and realize it was all in my head.  lol.  We'll see.  :)

It's so good to have you girls, I've told my DH and SIL how nice it is to have all these anonymous people who seem to care so much and have gone through mc and the ups and downs of ttc.  Even though I don't know any of you well...I love ya!
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Cazip- Where in Alberta do you live? I live in Castlegar have you ever been down here? I'll be coming to Alberta in July for the Stampede, this will be the first time watching it.

Everyone- How are you all doing today?

Kassimom- How are you feeling today?

Hope2B- How are you doing today? I think telling DH on Father's Day would be an Awsome idea, i bet he would be so excited to have that as a Father's Day gift? That's how i was planning on telling my DH if i get PG again by that time, will see i guess.
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I live just outside of Edmonton.  I've never been to Castelgaard (sp?) but I know people who visit their every year.  I love BC!  I live in Vic for a year.  How are you doing with nasty AF?
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AF is acting really wierd, went tot he bathroom this morning and she was gone. I'll check again when i go to the bathroom next to see if she's back, I think it's because of the m/c that everything is all different. Normally she lasts about 4-5 days and this time on 2 days, but really really heavy and very bad cramping. How are you doing? any other PG signs at all? I'm still really tired, but i'm sure it will pass soon. I've only been to Edmonton once and that was a couple of years ago, DH and I went to West ED to shop and he took me the the Dolphin show since there my favourite animal.
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i would wait a real long time to tell dh.  and if you get to the point were you get a really good u/s pic and he still hasn't "guessed i'd copy the pics and put them up all over the house with a big sign that says you suck at guessing

but then again, i'm evil and mean too.

i will pray all is well and btw your about 5 weeks right? numbers sound good to me!

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Cheesetoo - no problem. I've had 4 pregnancies and 1 baby. Actually she is turning 6 tomorrow. So grown up.....She told me the other day that she hopes I get to keep this baby! She really wants a brother.

I hope you're doing well. You've been in my thoughts!

Capermom - Not much new around here. Nausea has subsided and gone to my Dh (Ha Ha Ha). I hope that's a good sign. Everytime something goes away or something new comes I'm paranoid about it. I hope the anxiety eases up as well. So how are you???
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