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Open Forum Thursday

Was FINALLY able to get in so decided to open for today.  Yucky wet weather here in Chicago.  Have a great day ladies.
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I just read your post about breastfeeding. You should get the book "So that's what they're for." It is so funny and full of good advice. The woman is a lactation consultant and is just awesome. She suggest that you wait about 6 weeks at least before you give your baby a bottle as well as a pacifer. Bottle feeding is totally different and easier than breastfeeding. To bottle feed the baby does not really have to do much but suck, to breastfeed they have to be latched on right, have their tongue in the right place, and have to work for it. If you start them sucking on other stuff to early, some babies forget how.

Get the book. It is really good. It also talks about pumping.
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Hey everyone, what's going on today? Well, weather wise here in freezing Canada, it's about 12 degrees cel, windy and sunny. Not too bad but I would like to seen the temp rise about 10 degrees. Getting there I guess. I seem to be getting a little more sleep. Last night I woke up at 3:00 for the bathroom and went to sleep shortly after and slept until almost 7 am, wow, that's great for me. Now, if I can just start doing that every night I will be all set. I really think it's just so much on my mind about building and selling and just everything.

Nanakay, sorry I was so blunt. I was rushing. I try so hard to get on more but I just don't seem to. Nothing much new, I'm feeling good, not much sickness now. The odd little waver here and there but nothing like it was. Tiredness is wearing off a little too. I'm getting close to 4 months (13 weeks and 4 days), I guess that's why. I thought it was 3 months when m/s and tiredness stops though, oh well. So, what's new with you??

Still a Mom, happy belated Anniversary!!! Don't worry about the sex thing, just think how much he got while ttcing. LOL I don't care for it either. I hit the bed and it's like, don't touch me. Poor guy, maybe I'll give in this weekend. I was so afraid to before now but now I am past 14 weeks, I think we're safe. I would like to go out for a nice dinner with DH but he's working so much and when he's off we have so much to do here before the closing. Oh well, we'll enjoy lots of dinners in our new home.

Have a great day everyone. I'm going for luch with so of my co-workers.
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Love the comments your son makes, how adorable. My DD is also so inquisitive about the whole pregnancy (remember our kids have the same exact birthdays).  Anyway a really good book for him would be What to Expect When Your Mommies Having a Baby.  It is really cute but I would suggest you read it first and then you can take out the parts you don't want him to hear or at least edit out what your reading.

I'm not trying to answer for Kassimom, but the book she is talking about is A Child Is Born. I wanted to say I agree completely with her it is an awesome book with pictures and very graphic actually shows sperm and the egg, delivery of the baby and  everything in between.  My daughter also has been looking at it with me, she asks me questions abou the ferm(sperm) and the egg.  It is a great book but again I would recommend you look at it ahead of time so you can edit out what you wouldn't want him to see.
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Good morning all!!

Capermom-I am so glad to hear you are doing so well!!! Welcome to the second trimester! It only gets better (with a few bad days thrwon in for good measure...mother nature can't hav eyou enjoy being pregnant TOO much can she?) LOL

I was feeling movements but the last couple of days nothing, but still a good strong HB. For some reason last night and this morning it felt like my uterus was hardening (surely not braxton hicks yet?) I am going to ask the OB about it on Tues.

Missy is right, it's A Child Is Born that I have at home. And yes you might want to edit out pages of you think your child might be traumatized by the birth photos. My daughter is exceptionally level headed and looks at anything bloody very scientifically and so we let her have the whole book to look at as she wants to. I welcome her questions about everything from conception to birth and her biggest curiosity right now is the baby being surrounded by water and blood. Maybe I have a little Dr on my hands? It's all a matter of perspective though. I can't begin to say what information another child can handle. She is easy, I can almost predict what her question will be so I can form my answer without giving her more info than she wants. Some children's curiosity is just insatiable!! LOL
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Thanks for the book idea, I may look into it.  I had a midwife's appt on Tuesday and she pretty much said the same thing.

I've gained another 2 1/2 lbs since last visit, so I'm now up 9lbs in total (although I was a ever so slightly overweight, according to my Dr. before I got pregnant) and she measured my belly - I'm at 24 cms, up 3 cms from last time. I am following the 50th percentile for growth to a tee.  Which is fine by me, as I'd like to try to go all natural for a birth so a 7lb +/- baby is much preferred over a 10lber!

Hope everyone is having a good day, I'm suffering through another cold - took yesterday off as a sick day.  Take care.
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Hi Everyone, How is everyone today? Hope you all have a great day:)

Christina S. How are you feel ing today? Good i hope:) Well just wnated to say goodluck with your u/s tomorrow! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.I will email you tonight.
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Where is everyone today? Forum seems a little slow lately...
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i just read your last post from yesterday and that is really weird about the zantac thing. maybe i will bring it up again this time around and see what she says.  my son had really bad acid reflux when he was born i would hate to find out that is why.
also i know some doctors say no or only on occasion to tums and rolaids, because they are calcium fortified and if you eat them like candy (like some people do) they can give you kidney stones.
that actually happened to a friend of ours. she was pg with twins and got heartburn something awful ended up giving herself kidney stones.ouch
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Goodness Nanakay-what a nightmare your SIL is going through-she is in my thoughts.

I had no idea about the kidney stones and TUMS. OUCHY!!! I try milk first when I have bad heartburn then turn to Mylanta! Please do ask your OB why she says no Mylanta. I am actually interested to know if I should stop taking it myself.

Continueing on our converstaion the other day about how many babies women used to have...I had lunch with my grandmother yesterday and we were discussing it and she told me a funny story. When she was pregnant with my dad her OB's FIRST name was Stangle. She asked him how in the world his parents came up with Stangle and he said "Well after 22 kids you kind of run out names!" LOL I thuoght that was funny!
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i was just teasing you...i hadn't heard from you in a while soooo well you know i've got to give you a bad time.
i'm glad to hear you are feeling better anyway and maybe starting to get some sleep. i wish you many sweet dreams

kassimom and missy-
thanks for the book ideas. i wrote them down so i can go check them out. i think i will also check out the breastfeeding book too. sorry i can't remember who mentioned that one.
i tell you what i have the pg stupids so bad it isn't even funny.

well as for me....i feel like complete sh*! today. i have this really weird matalic pain in my side if i stand to long and a matalic taste in my mouth. i am at work but only long enough to see if UPS shows up today and then i am going home. my son has his last swimming lesson tonight and i don't want to miss that.
i am also in the middle of dealing with my SIL who is going through a custody battle with her ex. he has accused her of grabbing their son and leaving bruises on him. so now she has to have suppervised visitation until they can get to court and the gardian adliedem can give her report. and guess who gets to be the only supervisors....yep my dh and i. i totally feel for her i couldn't imagine someone telling me that i couldn't see my son but i have to say she did put her self into this situation by not standing up to him a long time ago. my dh talked to the gardian adleidum yesterday and at least she sounds like she has a real good idea of what is really going on. now if her ex's attourney would stop asking for continuance we could get this all over with.
ok i'm done ranting... how is everyone else today.
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Too funny---22 kids - OUCH!!!!!!!!!
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I just got back from my Dr Appointment, I have found out that i'm actually 6weeks 2days and that my EDD is Feb 1. She is sending me in for an early U/S since i got PG right after my M/C, Had anyone experienced this before? I'm so scared and nerves at the same time that i will here bad news, I go for my first OB appointment on July 8 i will be 10weeks. Do you think i'll be able to hear a HB by then? How is everyone today?
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(((hugs))) to you!! Don't be a basket of nerves!! Hug your belly and talk to your baby! Get rest and lots of water and eat healthy...you'll be fine!  Whether you will hear the HB at 10 wks or not is anybody's guess...sometimes they can find it then sometimes they can't. But you get one better, when you go for your u/s, you should be able to SEE the HB!! YAY!! Let us know how it goes!
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When you see it...the baby is the little peanut looking critter with the pulsating blob that is almost bigger than him/her!!
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Thanks for your support on this, i'm just so nervous about it. Do you think i'll be able to see the baby and HB at that time? It might be 1-2 weeks from now before I go for the U/S, I hope I'll be able to see my peanut and the HB. I'm also hoping that i'll be able to get a picture of the baby, did you have an early U/S done at all? How are you doing today? Anything new with you? Has your DD said anything interesting today?
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YES you should see it by then! :) I did have an early u/s done at around 6 wks and we did see Mr. Peanut and his big blob of a heart and it was beating nicely!! :)

Nothing new with me, but I am worried about you! I know it's hard NOT to worry, but trust me, things willg et better. early in this pregnancy I just prayed and told God that this little baby was in His hands now and that if He saw fit for me to raise it, then to watch over it while I was making it!! IT comforted me to pray each night and just give control to God.

The fact is sweetie, you can't cause a miscarriage or prevent it. And every night I also imagined "inviting" an angel into my womb to cradle my growing baby and make sure everything turned out okay. To sing to him/her and tell him/her each day how much I love him/her as it grows. I am not a deeply religious person, and this all sounds crazy, but it really did give me peace of mind!
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Thank you, you have been such a help to me. Praying for your baby doesn't sound crazy to me, I'm trying to stay positive as best i can. I just can't wait to see my little peanut and his heart, it's so exciting just thinking about it. DH doesn't know that were getting an early one done yet, can't wait to tell him and see if he'll be able to make it. Did you get a picture of your little peanut at 6 weeks? Will they be able to tell the proper EDD at this time? I hope all is well with you, are you enjoying your time with your DD now that school is over?
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I am so happy for you! try to stay as positive as you can and do over work yourself at work or home. Relax, drink your water, take your vitamins and get dh to take out the trash:) Your next appt will be a good one!
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I have another for you in the "big family of names dept". My mother went to school with a girl whose family had 18 kids. They got pregnant again and said they were sick of trying to find names they liked that they didn't already have so they naned him Justin Other.
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