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Open Forum Thursday

Hey ladies.  Good Morning to all!  It's a new day and I am feeling positive today.  I am trying my best to keep looking up on the bright side.  Well, Good Morning and hope you all have a good day.
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I haven't posted in a few days b/c I've been out of my mind with worry.  My DH dropped a bomb on me last week.  He told me he is really unhappy and he doesn't really want most of the things we've been working toward, including a baby.  Needless to say I freaked out.  After spending days crying and talking we are both feeling a little better.  There are obviously some unresolved issues, but hopefully we will work through them with the help of a marriage counselor, whom we start seeing next week.  We are both committed to our marriage so we aren't looking at divorce or anything like that.  The TTC thing is not on hold, just yet, but I'm worried about what will happen in that department.  Part of me thinks the stress of it all is just getting to him so I may take a break from charting soon.  Anyway, things are a bit crazy now and I just wanted to let everyone know.

BTW, congrats on the BFP, stillwaiting.  I was happy to see that!
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I am soo sorry to hear that! I hope you guys get everything worked out. I thought I thought my temp dropping today was a ig deal! :(  Best of luck to you and DH.
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I'm so sorry to hear that.  TTC can take such a toll on a relationship.  I've been hiding most of the stuff I've done this cycle!!  My DH thinks I'm nuts half the time!  As much as I can tell you want a baby you may have to give him a bit of space for now.  He's probably feeling like maybe something is wrong with him....guys are surprisingly more sensitive than we give them credit for.  Hang in there and I wish you nothing but the best!!
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I am so sorry to hear that you two are going through a rough time right now. I just want you to know that I will be thinking/praying for you both. My husband and I have been together 16 years (married 13) and have gone through many, many times where we did not know what was going to happen, all we knew is that we wanted to "be together." It was at times hard and uncertain but if you both are willing and want this, God will be right along side you and it WILL be okay. It may be easy for me to say, just from experience and understanding that I can offer you assurance. My husband at one time had said those exact words. Just keep your spirits up, trust in Him, and continue to love your hubby as you do with all your heart! :)

HUGS to you and lots of care&prayers! Michelle
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i am so sorry for your frustrations too!!!  ttc is hard on a relationship.  i remember when sex was always so much fun, i miss that now cuz we are refraining from sex due to bleeding. we fought for the first time terribly while trying to conceive.  we both did the same thing you are doing.  we just took a step back and tried not to take it so seriously.  you are in my thoughts.  glad to see you back.
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i strongly dislike your dr and cant believe she said that to you.  so glad you are going to the specialist.  hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful.
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