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*****Open Forum Wednesday******

Morning ladies!!!!
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Good Morning.  I am feeling not too bad today.  I only gagged once this morning.  I've had a little heartburn & the BB's still hurt so I am still optimistic.  I could take a nap too.  How is everyone else feeling today???  Well Good Luck to all of you.  Have a wonderful day.
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well I am gassy

oh yeah and nauseaus.

other than that no pg sypmtoms.I just want to throw up in the morning-just once. GIVE ME A SIGN!! I CAN"T WAIT!!
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Hi Ladies. I haven't been on in awhile - got kind of overwhelmed with ttc and my computer wasn't cooperating! My husband and I have been ttc for 8 months, he's 31 and I'm almost 42 yrs old (people think I'm 25 - can only pray my eggs have aged as gracefully :) This last cycle, I didn't focus on ttc and we went on a long weekend getaway and I think I might be pregnant!

I'm on cd28 which is past due for me about 4-6 days. I'm completely nauseous, broke down crying last night for no apparant reason, and I just took a hpt and a very faint line showed up in result window. The test window was a dark solid pink line, but result window is so faint I almost thru it away. I thought I was seeing things! Any advice??
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If you got a faint line then you are probably pg.  I had a very faint line like that also.  It was so faint I just told myself it was just a cheap test and it's so thin that this is where the line would show up if I were pg.  Well my curiosity got the best of me and I tested again and got a much darker positive.  I hope it all works out for you.  I will keep my fingers & toes crossed for you.  Congrats and Good Luck.
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I had the same thing happen with me. I tool several and got the darkest line with a First Response. I took like 4 in one day (could you tell I was excited, Ha!). Sounds like you've got some good news! That's very exciting! Keep us posted on what you find out!
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Afternoon ladies, thought I would check in today. Im feeling okay. Was up throughout the night due to heartburn (thats the last time i eat Burger King before going to bed)....Anyways, baby is doing well and moving around alot. I go in next week Thursday for my u/s. :)

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