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***********Open Forum Wednesday**************

Good morning everyone, how is the middle of the week going. Gals, it's hump day!!!! You now what that means....lol, sorry, I think that's cute.

Ya, I'm still here, so much for going good and early. No signs at all. The only leaking I'm getting is caughing and peeing in my pants. It's really getting on my nerves. Well, it's December 1st, time to put up some decorations I guess. Maybe that will excite that baby and make him/her want to come out. I can tell the baby is getting much bigger, the movements are really strong and I can just feel the extra weight in my belly. Getting really hard to bend over.

I dyed my hair yesterday (blonde) and I did a manicure to my toes and hands and painted them as well. At least they will look half decent when I do go. (If it doesn't wear off by then) I'm going to have to take out the stuff in my bag for the hostpital if I don't go soon, it's going to be dusty.

Well, hope you all have a great day. I have to get some cleaning done and start my decorating. Yeehaaa
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Hey girls. My stomach is feeling so much better, but my back and neck have been hurting really bad and so now I have a really bad headache. Oh well.

It seems like Alex's head is really pressing down. He is really kicking and punching hard and seems to love baths. I think it is because I turn on the radio and sing and he seems to like my singing. No matter where I am if I am singing he wakes up and dances around. Only 7 more weeks until his due date. I can't wait. His blanket is all hand quilted and now I just have to bind it so it is almost ready.

My mom is scheduled to go to Florida on Jan. 17 for about a week and Alex is due the 18. I have been kinda back and forth between wanting to have her in the delivery room. Mainly I don't really want her in there, (we don't really get along well and she really stresses me out) but I want my sil and mil in there and I can't have them in there and not mom. So anyway she may not even be there. And the other day she says, "Mandi will you be ok if I am not with you when you have Alex," like it is some big relief to have her there. As long as John is with me I will be fine.(He is the one who feels she should be there, Alex being her first grandbaby born alive.)
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Boy,did i have a scare last night.I watched a movie,got into bed around 11,and had a contraction.They started coming at irregular intervals,sometimes back to back,then not again for 10 minutes.I started getting really scared around 1am,and was ready to call the dr and go to the hospital when they stopped.i stayed awake till around 4,then finally fell asleep.2 more this morning,now nothing.I called my dr,and am waiting to hear from her.Baby didn't like the contractions,she was active between them.I think i might go in to the hospital to be checked for my own piece of mind [I'm only 30 weeks.way to soon for her to come out].I'm just going to lay on the couch until then.Even though this is my 4th child,I never had premature contractions before,and they hurt!
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Hello...Ive been away a long time. I thought I would show you whgat Ive been busy doing..
Anyhow I hope you are all doing good.
Chloe is your Ashton doing well?
Christie, its funny, I feel like Ive come full circle, I originally came to this site almost 2 years ago because of an abnormal period. Now once again, after having a child Im coping with another, even stranger one. Luckily I think it is resolving itself...

ANyhow, If anyone is interested...Take a peek...It's my Jewelry I have been working on..

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Hi I went to the dr. this morning I am due in 3 weeks. she told me I had a small trace of protein in my urine and told me to dink a lot. is this something serious?
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Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great day!  Things are good for me so far.  I am on cd13 and am expecting ovulation tomorrow!  This is the most normal cycle I've had in several months!  I am believing this is my month to conceive!  My temperature was a low 97.1 this morning.  Anyone on the same cycle day as me?  I would love to have a cycle buddy!

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Hi I am 9.5 weeks and from my 7th week the u/s shows no fetal pole and no heartbeat.  Today I had another sono as I have one every week, with same results.  My gestational sac has grown from last week 25mm to 33mm.  My pregnancy hormone level 2weeks ago 32k, 1week ago 26k, and today 12k.  I am told this is a sure miscarry.  I want it to happen naturally, even though I have been going thru this torture for 3 weeks.  I have had absolutely no bleeding throughout the pregnancy and have no bleeding now.  The Dr.s say it is my option to wait or have a D&C.  I am going to The Ann Wigmore Health Institute in Puerto Rico, for 4 weeks, to detox and cleanse my system (from fertility drugs and probing) before trying to get pregnant again.  We conceived at the fertility center (IUI).  I am scheduled to leave on Dec. 19th, and I'm afraid to miscarry in Puerto Rico, fear of complicatins.  What do you think?  I need some support.  I am 41 and have no children yet.  This is my first pregnancy and expected miscarriage.  If I miscarry on my own can I handle it alone?  Please share your thoughts and experiences.  Thank you.

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Does anyone know of any websites that have predictions on the gender of the baby.  I have looked on the chinese birth chart.
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