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Open Forum Wednesday!!

Hi ladies! Thought I would open one for the day while we have the chance. It's my 29th birthday today, so I am trying to be nice to me and take a break! I may even squeeze in a nap-yippee!

Have a good one, ladies!

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well happy b-day old lady!!!! hope you have a great day.
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Happy Birthday
I think Im the old lady of the forum
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Happy bday!  29 sounds like a good number.  I'll be there in a couple years.  Are you going to have cake???
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Maybe this is old news for some, Last night on the news the company "Graco" (baby products) was fined 5 million for not complying with safety regulations on many of their products they sell
Just in case any of you have their products or for those who are buying for the first time
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Happy birthday......wish I was 29 again.....oh, what am I saying.......I'm going to stay 29 forever.....My daddy says he is 29 so no way can I pass his age.....LOL (my dad is almost 70, shhhhhhhh don't tell him that though...ROFLMAO)

How about a funny??? Or not so funny.......

My almost 10 month old has just started really getting around by crawling and scooting.....nothing is safe anymore.....anyway, he was in the living room (completely baby proofed) and he got soooooooo quiet....okay, time to go and check on him right?!?!?!
HE WAS EATING A DEAD BUG!!!!!!!!!!! And cried his little heart out when I took it away from him.........
I about died!!!!!! We had the house bombed about a week ago because we live so close to the woods......so we have had a bug or two show up dead........I didn't find it but he sure did!!!!
HOW GROSS IS THAT?!?!? Dh just says it's protein (an Army guy would say that since they eat bugs to survive when at war, but come on)

Have a great day ladies,
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Hey todays my husbens b-day too, Happy Birthday to you....
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A dead bug huh????  Hey that could make him $50,000 on Fear Factor.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!   Hopefully he will not get sick and all is ok.  I am sure though he will be OK as gross as it is.  Take Care.  Kids.......Gotta love em'.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies. Hubby bought me some really pretty tops that all but one are WAY too small for this pregnant bod. He bought them one up from my regular size, and poor guy, thought he was being kind by not buying maternity clothes.  Oh well-I guess they will be my inspirational post-maternity clothes!:) Men...just shouldn't go shopping unsupervised.
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How true men should not shop for womens clothing
I remember one gift from my husband he bought me a pair of
leather gloves  size small,  couldnt get a hand in if I wanted to then informed me he paid like 75.00  WHAT I said.
Im the 99 cent mitten type. Wear two pairs if you have to
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I began taking Depo Provera in March of 2004 and had my last shot in June of 2004.  I began my menstrual cycle in September 25th of 2004.  I have been try to have a baby ever since.  I wanted to know does that mean that I have began to ovulate and I can now conceive a baby?
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Are your periods now regular?
Your menstrual cycle-  an egg is produced and gets ready for conception when the egg is not fertilized in the uterus,(uterus' lining prepares for conception and if no egg is fertilized) the lining of the uterus sloughs off (this is your period)So if your having a regular cycle  Happy Baby Making
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