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Open Forum and weight question

Hi ladies... Wow- it's 11:25 on the west coast and I'm able to post!

Here's the open forum if this place fills up.

So, I'm at 27 weeks, and I had one of my regular dr. appointments today. So far, I've gained 21 lbs.. And my doctor said to start eating healthier becuase I'm only allowed to gain 25! Does this sound a bit stringent to anyone else? I'm healthy, young, was in the normal weight range pre-pregnancy, glucose is fine, etc... I do plan to cut down on the sweets (been craving comfort foods lately), but should I be worried about the weight?

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It depends. Has it been gradual gain or did it pop up out of the blue? Sometimes salt can be the culprit in fast weight gain. And depending on your weight, the norm is said to be 25-35 lbs. I have only known a few girls who have gained the low end with their pg. Most women I know have gained 30+ lbs. It may be a good idea to lay off the sweets or substitute them with healthier alternatives (raisins instead of candy, etc). A good book to check out is What to Eat When You Are Expecting. It offers many healthy (and tasty) recipes that fit well with pregnancy.

It is kind fo funny you made this post about weight as I was looking to vent about my own issues with it. I had finally gained 2 lbs at my last visit, but now I have lost 5. My vomitting has let up a bit (down to once a day instead of 2-3 times) and I am trying my best to eat, but somehow I keep losing it. I will be 16 weeks on Wednesday (time flies, huh?) and am afraid I am heading down the same path as I did with my son. More or less just venting, not really seeking an answer. I am drinking the Ensure Plus 1-2 cans a day in addition to my meals. I just can't seem to eat more than a few bites, even without drinking the Ensure.

Anyay, I hope everything works out for you, I am sure everything will be okay!

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It seems all doctors have different advice on weight.  I was about 15 lbs overweight before I got pregnant.  I am now 31 weeks and have gained 30 lbs.  I keep asking my doctors if I gained too much, and they say I'm fine.  I think I'm gaining too much, but they aren't concerned.  If your blood pressure and sugar are good, I wouldn't worry about it until I hit the 35lb mark.  Especially if you're eating healthy foods.

Andrea, while I'm lucky I never had morning sickness, I sure wish I didn't gain so much weight.  Are your docotors concerned that you aren't gaining enough?  I wish I could give you half of my appetite!  Then we'd probably both be where we needed to be.
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Hi everyone, there was no room for new questions so I put mine in here. I hope that's ok.

Yesterday, my period started. Now this is weird because I just finished one 15 days ago! I'm a little worried. I used to be very regular (29 day cycle). Recently I stopped treatment for endometriosis (Last year I was on Depo Lupon, then straight to Depo Provera (DP), then was put on BC to make my period come back after DP). I had two normal periods while on BC, then I had a 49 day cycle (first one after stopping BC) and this last cycle was only 15 days! The bleeding is quite heavy and dark. But no cramps. With every period I have ever had, there has been super horrid cramps. I knew that my period might not be regular coming off BC, so I was not as concerned with the 49 day cycle. But this 15 day one is so short! According to my temp/mucus chart I never ovualated this time either. I am just so frustrated......

I'm worried because me and the hubby are TTC before my endo gets out of control again. But I hate to bug my doc if this is nothing. Has this happened to any of you before? Anyone know if this is normal? Could this possibly be a miscarriage? I'm really worried and quite upset. We have been really hoping to get pregnant. Oh, I'm 25 in case that helps at all. Thank you for any help you guys can provide. Best wishes to those who are pregnant and tons of baby dust to those who want to be.
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All I can say is that you NEED to call your doctor.  That is what they are there for.  This truly sounds complicated and needs medical attention to put your mind at ease.
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I'm 29 weeks and have gained 26 lbs so far.  Much worse than your case, and my n/p is just fine with it.  I would think that lots of it is water in my legs and arms-that's why it's good to cut back the salt.  It looks like doctors have different approach on it.  Also, different countries have different practices.  I'm from Europe, and my sister-in-law, who is a dr just told me not to gain so much because it will be very hard to get rid of it, and baby will take only as much as he/she will use, the rest will stay on you, and also in the lsat weeks it will be very painful to carry it. Don't worry about the weight though, if you feel good, you're healthy.  When I look at the mirror I could not tell I weigh 144 lbs and I could not eat any healthier, still I'm gaining like crazy, and I have no idea where it's going.
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Just want to thank you for your help with belly-size the other day.  The ultrasound showed a healthy baby with the right measurements, and he/she is laying, that's why I'm carrying it low.  Thanks again!
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