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Hey everyone, thought I would get a jump on the forum for today before it's too late.

I am feeling better today, yaaahhh. Finally. I can actually sit up for longer then a half an hour. Well, I'm on CD 27 of my normally 30 day cycle. Not one pregnacy symptom, no Af symptoms either. I think the raspberry tea helps with pms and bloating, cramps and bleeding. This would be great. Women's candy!

Skd, I wish I was close to you so I could give you a kick in the rear end. Ahh, your son's father should not have any problem taking him to games or pictures. He should do it for him and not you anyway. You see, I have an ex-husband. I have no problem asking him to do something for my boys, if he doesn't like, tough. He brought them into this world! Also, what about the man you are with now, can he not help? I sure he wouldn't mind. Sorry, I keep picturing you big as a barrel and rushing around to games and being stressed while almost ready to deliver, lol. I can picture his dad with the remote, lol.

Hey Chloe, Christie and everyone else.
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Well I am still here. 3a.m. came and went and not baby. Darn it. I feel so much better today. Got up in a good mood, didn't have to yell at my son to hurry up and get ready. Was able to start a load of laundry.
About his pictures, my sister is going to take him if I am having the baby, if I have already had him my husband is going to take him. I still have to make it to his games next week. It is just something I have to do. I had to miss one last year and it just about broke my heart.
Well got to go, check back in later.
Good luck to all of you ready to pop. It is exciting to see which one of us is going to go first.
PS The baby is moving more today. I think he was just tiered yesterday too.
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Hey Skd, I guess I was wrong or not a witch. Maybe I got my days mixed up, you're going tonight! Did you get a burst of energy yet, that's usually a sign.
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No not really a burst of energy. I do feel like I need to be doing something but I have nothing to do. If I was at home I could change the sheets on the bed, get my bag ready (everyone is after me about that one)or take down my halloween decorations. But I am stuck at work getting nothing done.
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Hey Caper,
           Hows it going.. feeling better today?? When you plan on testing?? few days after you are late?? Lemme know what the deal is =).. Im sitten here watching vanilla sky.. Good movie.. but weird i suppose.. I joined this colombia house thingy were i get 5 dvds a month for 50cents each.. but the thing is.. you have to join for like a year.. I need to buy a new dvd tower.. we already have our others full.. lol.. Anways.. I hope to hear from you soon.. Have a GOod day.. TATA and **HUGGSS**

     Will you tell that baby to come out already.. how many weeks are you now.. over due.. under due?? lol.. i forget.. lemme know your progress.. and email me asap when you get home from having that baby.. I have a feeling it will be soon.. Are you nervous?? you gonna go with natural birth or epidural?? If i ever get pregnant and make it that far.. I plan on having all the way natural.. Like i said before.. I dont like to take a bunch of meds.. women have been having babies for centuries without having any pain meds.. Im hoping i can be one of them.. lol.. anyways.. lemme know whats going on.. hope to hear from you soon.. tata **HUGGSS**

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Well I am due on Friday. I was just really hoping to have him early. Since I have already had one child they say that I could go early. But I am late doing every thing so I will be late again with this one too. Oh well. Yes I am getting very nervous because I don't know when it is going to happen and not knowing where I am going to be when it does happen and what to do with my son when it does happen. I am going to have an epidural. I am not big on pain so I am taking the easy way out. I had no problems with the first on except a little pain every now and then that shoots up my back. That is because they are suppose to take the epidural out the same way they put it in and I was on my side when it was put in and they tryed to take it out with my setting up and it wounldn't come out. NOTE TO EVERYONE: make sure you tell the person that takes it out how it was put it.
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Hey Skd, I still don't know if I'd have an epidural. They just started doing them here in the last few years. I'd be scared it would hurt something, though I don't know of anyone that had any problems because of it. Whatever helps get you through I guess. It's a good way to enjoy your delivery anyway.

Hey Chloe, I don't think I'm goin to test. I think I'll wait until I'm a day or two late, then I'll have a good idea. If not late, then I won't waste my money. I really don't think I am but I guess you never know. I feel alot better but the stupid pains keep coming in my stomache. I've been eating lots of tums. It's like a burning sensation that comes in my stomache and then my mouth gets sour. Yuck, I wish it would just go away. I know heartburn is a sign of pregnancy but this is different then heartburn. Any ideas?
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