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Open forum for Thursday

Hi all
Just started the forum since no one has as of yet
Looks like a nice day again today --Hurrah!
Got the kids new bikes last night and some new summer clothes
(Mom still wears the old stuff..lol) Kids arent cheap thats for sure!  Oh well ..they are worth it...RIGHT???  lol

Hey just a question for all who do not live in Canada do you guys get a baby bonus??? I know the maternity leave sucks for you all ...just wondering
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No baby bonus, sucky maternity leave. Just rub it in!! Maybe I should move to Canada...
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school is out for the kids yey. but it just reminds me that they are growing up and pretty soon off to college:( my daughter is 11yrs old and had her first dance she will be going to the sixth grade brings tears to my eyes. i had asked her if she danced she says yes hesitating of course then i asked her the big question did you dance with a boy she giggles and says i danced with one boy giggling with embarasment as a kid i never went to a school dance. i would like for her to have fun as long as it is clean fun, is that wrong? my son on the other hand he is going to be 9 in june. i embaras him i cant kiss him in front of his friends i cant go to his classroom unanounced will he grow out of that?
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well i guess it depends on how you look at it!
when i was single and had no children, i got little if anything at all back at the end of the year tax return...and i put in a lot.  but now that i have children i get a $1,000.00 per child deductable on my taxes so i get a sweet return.
odd, you'd think with the population growing like it is you'd get a better break for having fewer kids.

so if that is what you mean by a baby bonus then yah....but other wise no most of the stuff we have sucks. :)
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NO!  some boys don't go through that but the ones that do never get out of it....my oldest nephew's girlfriend makes him hug his grandmother(he's 18)
he has this quiet sence of humor that will just burst your side open if you aren't careful....some of the things he says, i swear they just come out of nowhere and he says them so straight faced.
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Unfortunately kids do grow up to fast now a days
everything from school (work more complex) friends(wanting to dress older) society
My dd is 10 and she went to her first non school dance without Mom (i knew the lady in charge so if anything would have happened i would have found out)
As for ds  i  dont know if he will out grow it for a while My sister has 2 boys who dont really hug or kiss Now I have 2 girls and they are huggy. Its a boy thing and for now its not cool
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Hows school?
No baby bonus isnt a tax right off but yes that does help too the more kids you have.
Baby bonus is every month depending on how many kids, how old they are (if they are under 7 you get more)  It lasts until they are 18  and is geared by your income
it can be 50 bucks a month or 400 depending on your income(that is just a example)
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HOLY ****! that's it i'm moving to canada....i took a year of french i can ask where the library is...(not that i would know where they sent me) :)
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Come on up
I think first time around wants to go to  pick her up will ya
I can remember this from french..es ca je per alay ou toliet
(not sure if i spelled it right) Can i go to the bathroom!
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the only bonus i see and thats if im working is at tax time no other baby bonuses this does suck politics suck
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i really think it depends on the personalities of the boys, i have 2 and they are ver huggy kissy, and they love to have me over at their school, but i have friends that have boys and its not the same case.......but i think it's just a fase so i wouldn't worry too much
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my son is twelve and still hugs and kisses in front of friends.  (a few weeks ago I brought him to school and I weas doing something and for some reason he thought we weren't going to hug and he said "mom!"  like  an exclaimation .  it was touching.  I agree with the person who said it depends on the kid!
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Ahh!  I'm going crazy at work!  I don't want to be here and all I feel like doing is eating!!  I'm in hell!!
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Hell!!!  If all you are doing is eating I think that would be HEAVEN...lol..
How far along are you?
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I'm 7 months along.  I just feel like I'm crawling out of my skin today.  I don't know if it was something I ate, but I really feel like I'm buzzing.  I'm supposed to be working on one long report today, and i can't even focus for more than two minutes.  I just ate lunch and I'm tired too...so I'm just a big mess. Hell I tell you! ];}
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for those of you who have given birth....when did you start your periods after doing so. I am going on 6 weeks and have not seen it yet.
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Are you breastfeeding?  It usually doesn't come back that quickly if you are breastfeeding.  After my post-partum bleeding I got my regular period about 4 weeks later--so I guess on time according to my cycle before I was PG.

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If your breastfeeding that will sometimes post pone it
I had sections but did get my period right after on schedule
Im glad when its not here!!!!
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with both of my kids i didn't start until around 8 -12 weeks
(i BF both)
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All I can say is lets hope your baby is NOT a biter like mine.  With my first I was able to nurse and she only bit a few times.  The scream and the firm NO were enough to scare her I think but my DS who is almost 9 months and has had teeth since 5 months bites me ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!  You may get lucky and he will be like my first.  I do not know how to get mine to quit.  I have posted on here before about it and someone suggested when they bite just push their face into your breast and they will pull off.  Good Luck to you.   Let us know how it goes if you are able to continue.  If mine would take anything else I probably would have quit.
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O.K I have 3 comments to make here but most important one first...

my ds (nearly 6 1/2 months) cut his first tooth!  I was a very proud mummy but then I remembered that I am breastfeeding ROFL
Does anybody know of people having trouble with breastfeeding teething babies?

Next topic, periods.  As mentioned above I am breastfeeding and ds is 6 1/2 months well my periods have only been back for the last 2 cycles and I just wish they would go away again!

And finally, I am in Australia so a long way away from you gals but down here we get $3000 baby bonus for the birth of each and every child when they ae born and then occasionally the government without warning gives parents $400 for every child....not that people complain!  They are talking about putting the Baby bonus up to $5000 within a couple of years!  When they put it up to $3000 there was a huge rise in teenage pregnancy and a huge debate about it all, some teenages were on the news saying they would just keep having babies to get the money but they were forgetting that the children are going to end up costing them a lot more than $3000!
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Thanx, I will let you know how we get on, he won't take formula so quitting isn't really an option for me either.
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Mel--Yes were lucky with baby bonus
But to have teenagers go out and get pregnant for the money is crazy!!!  I dont know but in a life time a child will cost more than 3000. Its like getting pregnant to keep a man  NUTS!!!
But I guess there are a few out there
Hope Josh doesnt bite your boob off!! No teeth here yet
(see another pro to bottle feeding....lol.....)

Blondie --Hey you!! where have u been hiding????
How is the plans and building for the house going?
Christopher all over the place now???
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well i'd say i'd move to australia but i've read that ya'll have a high instance of skin cancer (or am i mixing my countries up) so i think i'll stay here in the good old northwest.
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First, while the baby bonus seems nice, we do have perks here in the U.S like access to excellent healthcare and technology that isn't readily avaliable elsewhere. There are more MRI machines in Seattle than in the entire country of Canada. Could you imagine needing to get an MRI, in many cases there is a long wait.

Every place has it's pro's and con's. Right now we have more con's,lol.

As far as biting, Tristan has had 8 teeth since he was about 6 months old, he was a biter, never responded to the shouts or anything else. Anytime he bit, I removed him from the breast and he would take a break from nursing. Once I put that into effect, it stopped quickly. I noticed him biting when he was distracted and when he wasn't really hungry (hey, sometimes when your tired you mistake the cues,lol)

He is now a year old, has nursed exclusively on the left breast since he was 10 days old and is in the 95th percentile. Teeth and all! Avoid orajel or any numbing agent before nursing as that could make him bite. Try Hyland Teething Tablets if he is uncomfortable. If he is knawing a lot, fold a washcloth into a triangle, dip the corners in water and freeze. They thaw pretty quickly, but they provide some relief. Also some prilable plastic toys (I actually bought Tristan an uninflated football dog toy to chew on) He loved it, it had bumps all over it, he could chew on it without hurting himself (I can't count how many times he would catch a lip on a rattle"

Good luck! BTW, I am not anti every country but America. I do know others have great programs and that we have a lot of issues. But I am a big proponent of gold standard medical care and effeciency. This just happens to be one area where the U.S. ranks higher than most countries (the only area,lol)

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