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    I thought I would go ahead and do an open forum before I left to go to the doctor I'm so nervous but scared, I'm scared because I'm affraid that I'm not dialated anymore but then again I'm scared cus I might be dialated and I've never been through this before so well anyways any last min comforting words would be nice lol well if there is a such thing when your going through one of the worst pains lol well anyways ttyl...
wish me luck On being dialated...

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THANKS. I wasn't able to post my own question so I did it on the last thread...I'll post it here too.  Anyone using Robitussin, can you please let me know if it really works and what kind to use.  Aside from making cm loose is it supposed to do anything else?  Thanks.
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Hey, I used Robitussin (Guaifenisen) last month for about 5 days leading up to ovulation.  I conceived, but the pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy and ended and my period came right when it was supposed to.  I think that the Robitussin definitely helps to keep that mucus thin and more "desirable" to the sperm.  I've researched it alot and have found no reasons why NOT to use it...as long as its just the plain Robitussin (Guaifenisen) syrup. Don't use any of the Robitussin that has a letter after it ie.,Robitussin DM or Robitussin CF, etc...just plain Robitussin...you can also get the generic of Robitussin it'll usually say Guaifenisen syrup (expectorant.) Good luck, let us know if it works!

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I just read on the prenatal vitamin that pregnant women should not take more than 10.000 Int. Unit of vitamin A a day. Why is that?  In what way does it harm?  Well, my prenatal has 4000 of it, plus, I love to chew on baby carrots.  Out of curiosity, I checked the Vitamin A value on the carrot bag, it says it has 240% of the daily value in it!!!!!! I realize I shouldn't be eating it at all!!  I eat usually one small bag a day (contains about 5 carrots) but sometimes I eat 2 bags. Gosh, what have I done?  Please share your thoughts!!!!
And good luck to Melissa, maybe today will be one of the most wonderful days of your life!!
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    Well I'm still here so that means i'm not dialated anymore then a two but the stupid lady wanted to still go ahead and induce me my mother inlaw is a nurse and said No she isn't ready lets let the baby decide when the time is write and then I found out that I'm anemic today but I take my prenatal vitamins so why am I aniemic anyways I'm just glad that lady isn't my doctor she is just a midwife that is married to my doctor and well she said I wasn't dialated anymore and that the babys head is really low and my cervix is still closed tight I don't want a c section I don't have to have one and if she induced me today then I would probley have to have one well anyways ttyl...
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ok I asked this question yesterday but I hadnt gotten an answer so I'm gonna try again maybe someone might know but I've never heard of it but what is depo provera well ty...
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Hi there "38"..

Good for you- for not going for the pretty-darn-tempting induction. :)

My mom told me that when she was pregnant w/ my sister, she walked around for about a week w/ her "right there" ready to be born. .. Looks like you're in a similar boat.

Take care of yourself.. And please let us know when your lil' one decides to meet the world :)

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