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Oprah Winfrey - Secret Language of Babies - Amazing!

Did people see the episode yesterday on Oprah where a lady who researched babies unravels the secrets of a babies cries?   She discovered 5 common words babies say between the ages of 0-3 months which tell when they are hungry, sleepy, feeling discomfort, have gas, and need to burp.  It was amazing seeing how she was able to tell the cries from these babies and help the moms comfort them.  You can log onto the Oprah Winfrey show website and read and hear it for yourself.  It is at www.oprah.com.  I will definately pay more attention when I have this little munchkin in Dec.  I think any little secret mommies have under there belt is great!  I hope this is useful and those who have had there babies let me know if you can tell the cries and the results.
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I know, just think how much $$$$$ that woman is going to make off of us moms :) LOL But at least she really did a great job at getting all those babies to be good :)
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Yes! I saw the show...as I do every Oprah show. And I couldn't believe it. I only hope it's for real and something all us normal people can pick up on. I plan to purchase her DVD in time for my next arrival and hope for the best! Could you imagine if this is legit???!!!
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yeah i have to read more about it but frankly I did not see it as legit.  i am quite skeptical about this one.
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I saw the show and loved it.  My little boy is 12 days old and he makes those sounds.  I already could tell his hungry cry from other cries but it sounds exactly like the sound she said, "Neh".  Also he was crying yesterday and it sounded like "Eh" the I need to burp sound and I had picked him up and he would not quiet down but as soon as I put him over my shoulder he burped! If its true or not I dont know but it works for me!
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I just visited her website. Man, I wish they would've done this 3 yrs ago!! It would've saved me a lot of sleepless, crying nights with my 1st.
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