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Organic beauty supplies!

Hey all,

Just wanted to know if anyone could suggest any websites where I can buy shampoo/condition, soaps, etc. for my daughter and us....looking for organic/chemical free products...

But, also hoping for a reasonable price so we will stick with purchasing them.

Hate using all this chemical stuff in the stores....and especially putting it on her.

Thank you!
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Go to entreneteam.com, we've used their vitamins and stuff.  Very good stuff.  They have soap and shampoos to use too.
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Will check out the site!  Thanks.
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I'm pretty sure that Arbonne products are all natural.  I got the shampoo and conditioner and it had to be all natural because it was all gloopy and stuff.  They have a baby line as well.
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i dont know if they are everywhere, but a grocery where i live is called whole foods market. they are very organic with most everything they sell. arbonne are supposed to be all natural , but that may not be the same as organic. im sure if you type organic shampoo ect in your google you will find lots of cool stuff. also most natural health food stores carry these kinds of things.
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My local supermarket has an organic food section and I buy all our shampoos etc there.  Also, any local health food store should have a selection.  If you are in Canada, Loblaws or Superstore have a huge selection.
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