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Ovarian Cyst during pregnancy...

So I went to the doctor to day for my regualarly schedualled apointment... And everything with my baby is looking good, he/she has a strong hearbeat, 2 legs/feet, 2 arms/hands, a torso, and a head.  Nothing to worry about there, however, they also found a cyst on my left overy about the size of my uterus now.  My doctor said that it's nothing to worry about, but I can't seem to stop worrying, that it why I am posting this.  He thinks that my egg came from that side and that's why ther cyst fromed, also he thinks that the swelling will go down with time.  So I was wondering if anyone else has experanced this durring pregnancy and if so what happend.  Also I have no pain, and haven't had any pain in that regon on my body and the doc says to call if I start having pain... so I thought that was odd as well.  Any who let me know what you think!

Also on a side note, going into this apointment today I knew something was wrong with me or my baby.  And look wat happend.  Any who maybe I have some weird sences or something, but I thought it was weird.  
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I have not had an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, but I often had them before I got pregnant.  They can hurt like crazy.  My guess as to why the doctor said for you to call if it started to hurt is that sometimes they can hurt so much that you are absolutely pacing the floor, and the doctor can do a procedure and drain them with a needle if it gets that bad.  
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I had an ovarian cyst at the begining of this pregnancy, first it grew, then went away with no problems and I am currently 31 weeks 5 days. I have heard it is fairly common and nothing to worry about.
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