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Hello all.I am 28 and a half weeks pregnant.Im having pain inmy pelvic area i also get like a hard tightness in my adomonal area.Its so tight it hurts.When I move it stops and goes back normal.Now the thing is I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor told me I should stay in bed not to walk much.He told me the feeling Im getting is the babys head.It is down and putting pressure on my pelvic.But that explains the pelvic pain but what about the tightness and the hardness im getting?But the doctor really scared me telling me that the babys head in down and i need to stay in bed what does that mean?Is the baby in delievery position?Will the baby move?Is the baby stuck?Is the head and brain developing correct?Putting pressure on my pelvic doesnt mean that its in the birth canal right?I hear if the baby stays to long in the canal the head becomes a odd shape.Someone please help.Oh is 28-29 weeks to far along to soak in the warm bath?Because It sometimes really hurts in my pelvic area like right now I feel pressure and soreness an dwhen I walk its worse,,I told him I sometimes have problems walking to the bathroom.
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If the babie's head is down it does not mean it is in the birth canal.  It just means that the head is resting against the cervix.  I had this happen too with my last baby, but at 34-35 weeks preg.  and he didn't come out until his scheduled c-section 10 days before the due date, and I believe that if I was having a "natural" birth then he would have stayed past his date.  My sister was walking around for about 2 weeks with her last one dialated to 5 cm and she still needed to be induced to start labour.  Our bodies are such strange things and we never know what'll happen.  I remember the pelvic pain I had with my last one, and resting helped a lot.  Just follow your doc's words and lay down as much as possible with you feet higher than your head.

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Hey Tweety I am only 15 1/2 weeks along and get terrible pelvic pain.  I notice it when I get up to walk after sitting a while at work or if I really have to go to the bathroom.  There have been times I want to cry it hurts so bad to walk.  I do not remember this with my first pg although it was 5 1/2 yrs ago.  The nurse in the drs ofc recommended Tylenol and a heating pad for a short time.  I have not done this though so I can't tell you if it works.  I hope it gets better soon for the both of us.  Hang in there.
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Babies turn head down around like 26-28 wks. That is normal. The pelvic pain is also normal. Baby is much heavier and putting pressure on your cervix. Also the other pain sounds like Braxton Hicks, which are also normal. But follow your doctors instructions. As far as a bath, I took bath all the way to the end of my pregnancy...with all three of them...
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I just started getting them about a week or so ago and I will be 22 weeks this Thursday.  It feels like a hard ball twisting in your abdomen...it gets all hard and it feels very weird.  They are totally normal at your stage of pregnancy.  Look them up on the web.  there's lots of material to read.  Some people get them when they are 15 weeks.....the more pregnancies you have the earlier you get them.  My dr is a little worried because I am getting them so early and this is my first pregnancy.  I should not be getting them until my 27th week.  I am very surprised that your dr did not bring up the subject of Braxton Hicks to you.  

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If you are having intermittent "hardness" (some people describe it as a "balling up" feeling) more than 4-5 times in an hour, you really should call the doc and see if you can't get worked in to be seen today.

Other signs of preterm labor include:

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