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Today I went to see a reproductive endocronologist,and after trying to figure out why I have not had a regular AF (unless I was on BC) even though I started getting AF when I was 11 and I am now 23, and they finally figured out the problem.  He did and ultra sound and confirmed that I have PCOS.  He has put me on Provera to bring on AF (since my last AF was in December), 1500 mg of Metformin, clomid to start on day 5 of my cycle, and then a shot of ovidrel.  Has anyone had any success with this regimen?  How fast have you seen results?
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Well I was diagnosed with pcos in october and went on 1500 mg metformin then.  Got pregnant in December, miscarried in february.  Waited two cycles then tried first cycle of femara (similar to clomid but doesn't thin lining) on days 3-7, 1500mg metformin, monitered follicles by u/s and 10000u Ovidrel on day 13 with one 20mm follicle.  BD'd on day of HCG trigger and the following night.  Started prometrium a couple days later.  AND....I am now 8 weeks pregnant with a embryo that has a great heartbeat(152)!!  I am so pleased with these results!!  I believe all women with PCOS ahould go right to metformin and clomid (or femara) and not waste their time doing anything else (natural cycles, metformin alone, etc!)!!  GOOD LUCK!!!
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Congratulations on the pregnancy!!!! Thank you for giving me hope!
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