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PLEASE Pray for Max!

Ladies I am so worried. Jessica (rubyolivia) just texted me that Max had a seizure and they were waiting on an ambulance. I am SOOO worried, but we don't know what (if anything) is wrong with him. Please just keep them in your thoughts. I will update if I hear more from her.
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Oh my goodness! I will certainly keep him in my prayers.  Poor little Max.

Thanks for letting us know.
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OMG, I am freaking out! I can't believe this, is there a history or is this out of the blue??? either way...Ahhh! I need to text her, I hope everything is ok. Max, be strong little buddy!
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Lori's not answering her phone, and neither are twittering-  they typically drive me nuts with that stuff!  Cheyenne,  any news?
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I just texted, but I suspect she is a bit tied up :(

Please post any news, when you can, anyone!!
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Oh, no!   If anyone hears anything, please update!
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She texted me and said he was in the ambulance and appears fine now, so I am not sure we will know anything until a doctor has gotten a look at him. I didn't want to post because that is her business to post, but I am just so worried. This is the first time he has had a seizure and it was during swimming lessons I do believe...I am just so worried.
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Just got seen by the ER doc....possible seizure but the doc is thinking it may be blood sugar related. Thats all I know as of now...
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Thanks for updating.  Tell her we are all worried!
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Most def in my prayers.  Max is such a precious baby and she takes the best pictures of him!!!
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Sending them home...treating it as a "breath holding" episode!!! Max turned blue and his eyes rolled into his head....seriously, he held his breath until that happened? She is taking him to his ped in the morning, so hopefully nothing like this happens again, and the ped can check him out.
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Wow, I know how scary that can be, we had a similar episode with James a few weeks ago when he was in the bath but James had a raging fever. It is so scary, I hope they are all okay.
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Thanks for updating Cheyenne!
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Thanks for letting us know. I hope they have a good night!
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oh no! poor max.. please send my best to jess! I know what its like to have a scare like that!
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Jess said to say thank you for all the prayers!  
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OMG I am sitting here in tears after reading this.  How old is Max?  My daughter had the same thing happen at 5 months old.  The Ambulance took us to the hospital and they kept her - they said possible seizure but they could not rule it for sure.  This happened to my baby 3 more times between 5 months and 1 year.  (she is now 2 years old).  She had a slew of tests (neurology, allergist, cardiology and pulminary) - They treated her for Asthma and reflux then thinking it was an asthma attack and/or reflux causing her to turn blue.

This just brought back the worst day of my life to me and I am so glad to see Max is home - I will keep them in my prayers.  My daughter is 2 and I never got a concrete answer as to why my baby turned blue and passed out 4 times the first year of her life.  It is the single worst feeling in the world - helpless watching your baby turn blue waiting on an ambulance (we all learned CPR after the first episode - when it happened a 2nd time I ran out of the house screaming for help)  apparently it is hard to use CPR on your own baby - the mailman helped us.
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i have witnessed a breath-holding episode like that, only the child was mid-tantrum. about the same age as Max. Hopefully, that's what it was.
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Oh my gosh I just read this.  Please send her my prayers and I hope Max is doing better.  This is so sad.
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OMG, OMG, OMG...just logging in now, glad to hear Max is okay, but how scary!!! I hope this doesn't happen again and I hope Jess is doing okay! I cannot even imagine going through that with one of my kids!

I keep near crying when I think of something that happened last night involving a pool with Brody. Friends of ours have a deck that leads right into their pool. They have a pool cover over it when not in use. We were standing there talking and Brody ran, stepped onto the pool cover and went in. We both ran and grabbed him by the arm. BUT, if we had not been right there...Good Lord, help me. Things can happen in the blink of an eye and I do not even want to think of what could have been. It makes us realize how much our kids mean to us when things like this happen.
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My heart goes out to all of them, I will pray for all. Is it possible a seizure related to fever? i mean my son ahd it twice, one at 8 mons. and one at 1 yr. Both were related to fever.
Hope baby gets better
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Max was not sick (no fever). He appears to be doing okay, and Jess called his ped this morning and last I heard she was waiting for a call back.
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Omg how scary!  I'm glad Max is doing ok now.  Hopefully the ped can figure out what is going on.
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wow! I am glad to hear he is OK!!!!
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Wow, what happens when I leave for a little while!  Has Ruby had her baby yet?  *Goes to check myspace.*
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