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Can anyone give me any info on provera, am about to ask my doctor about it to bring down my menses. The doctors here, well unfortuantely the dont give u the whole scoop on things, so i rather hear it from people with experiance or who have any knowledge on it. Also is there anything else out there available to bring down AF, any other medicines or perhaps at home treatments. hoping to get some answers guys. love yah all!!!
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What do you mean by bring down your menses? Do you mean to start it? I do know how to get it started.. With herbs... I did it by accident and had a cycle 2 times in one month..
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I just finished taking my 2nd round of provera to start my period...I took 5mg twice daily for 5 days...the first time I started on a tuesday, took my last pill on saturday night and started my period on wednesday...the period is like a normal period and I didn't have alot of cramps, it was like a normal period except that I had to take pills to induce it..this time I started my pills on friday night and took the last one on wednesday morning...so far no period yet but I have been cramping a little so I know that it will be here within a day or two...HTH
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**** quai  

Do not take **** quai while menstruating, as it can increase blood loss.
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I don't think she was referring to the birth control, I think she was referring to provera..a drug that induces af...
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To any concern about going on Depo i would never go on the stuff again. It screws up your whole system, don't get me wrong its nice not to have a period on it but its not healthy at all! Your body is not doing what it normally does. Anyways, after you get off the pill you can gain alot of water weight and it can take up to 10 to 18 months to conceive. I would rather go on the pill than the depo any day.

Trust me i was on it for 5 years.
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thank you guys for your posts, i got some very light brown discharge yesterday only when i wiped, but now its totally gone, either it was implantation bleeding or AF coming but AF doesnt normally start like this, wouldnt AF be here by now?
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