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Pain killers during pregnancy

I am 36 weeks pregnant and recently found out that I had a kidney stone. The pain is so unbareable! The doctor put me in the hospital for 2 days to try to flush me out, but sent me home still in pain. He put me on Hydrocort. 5's and that seems to help me manage the pain. But I'm not so sure about taking these pain killers until my stones pass. Can someone give me advice or information on this matter. It would really help me come down! Thanks
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i was 36 weeks pregnant and my baby boy was lying right on my back bone and i couldn't even move for the pain the doc gave me hydrocodone the genetic for lortab mine were the same strenght as yours> HONEY IF U NEED THEM TAKE THEM. THEY WILL NOT HURT U OR YOUR BABY.
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You probably mean hydrocodone or something similar.  Commonly used, and good medication for pain that can accompany kidney stones.  Used all the time for such conditions at your gestation.  

If your pain is not improving or getting worse, you should let your doctor know right away.  
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