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Pepto and Pregnancy

Ok, I am freakin out right now! I told my mom that I have been so nauseous for the past 2 weeks and that I have went through a bottle of pepto and she freaked out saying that it had aspirin in it and that I cannot take that. Is this true? Aspirin causes birth defects, so i am really hopin I didnt cause any damage. I thought I remember my old dr. telling me to take some pepto for heartburn if I needed it. Is there anything else I can take that is safe for nausea during pregnancy. I am 7w1d today. I have tried all the MS remedies and all without fail. :( I feel so sick I cannot take it. I have stayed in my PJs for the past week because I literally cannot move that much without feeling sick. I wish I could just throw up and feel better! (sorry, tmi)!!! Anyway, please share anything! HELP!!!!
~nauseas Amber!!! :(
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Yes, you should have told your doctor you are having m/s. There are medicines that they can give you to make it go away.

Pepto Bismol is a class C drug during pregnancy. I have to take two class C drugs everyday to live during my pregnancy and my daughter is fine so far. It does however contain a form of aspirin. I wouldn't worry yourself. Don't take it again and make sure you tell your doctor that you did take it.
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Do you know what the names of the medicines are? I am desperate! Thanks for the info, i just hope everything is ok with my baby.
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I'd cut the pepto out asap. But don't freak out too much! :) It isn't good for pregnant women, but I would say you and baby will be fine...just don't take anymore! You can take Emetrol for nausea and m/s....it's an OTC med. I think it comes in lemon and cherry. I had the lemon and it's super thick but if you can handle nasty pepto you can handle anything! lol
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The medicines they will give you wont be Over the counter. Phenergan is what they will try out first and probably some vitamin B6.
As for OTC stuff you can take Emetrol and unisom, thats what my doctor told me. Maybe those will help till Monday.
As long as you aren't in your 3rd trimester pepto is a category C. Once you hit your 3rd trimester its a category D, but I'm assuming with m/s you are in your first.
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Yes, pepto is not advised during pregnancy, but there are some Rx's that can be prescribed and some OTC remedies...

1.  Zofran (I was on both times) is a Rx, kind of expensive, but worth it

2.  Vitamin B12 + (I forgot the other thing, but it's primary use is to help sleeping)...my friend used it and it worked for her and she said it didn't make her abnormally sleepy either.  

3.  You can always try Mylanta or Maloxx.
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Oh dear...ummm, ok, the pepto is in the trash as I type this! Thanks for all the info. I am calling my dr. first thing monday and asking for some good m/s stuff. You ladies are all so helpful! Thanks a ton! I just need some kinda of relief! My poor DH and DD are really needing me and I just cannot get well! Anyway, yall have a good night and thanks again!
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