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Period after D&C

I recently had a miscarriage and had a D&C-I am wondering when to expect my period?  Thanks!
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Hello. Sorry for your loss dear. I just had a MC as well with a D & C on Feb. 18th. I recently asked your same question just a few days ago. I have not had my period yet either. From what I understand it should be within 4-6 weeks after your miscarriage. hope this helps.
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I had a m/c on Feb. 3rd.  I just got AF on March 17th - 42 days later.  My first m/c it took 54 days.
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I think it pretty much depends on when the hcg gets out of your system and you begin ovulating again. I ovulated 2-3 days after it was gone (about 2 wks after d&c) and af 2 wks after. I have seen where some women's levels take longer to come down, naturally everything else will take longer, too. I'm sorry for your loss.
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Sorry to hear about your m/c.  I had a d/c on Jan. 19th, got my first af Feb. 19th and am starting my 2nd af today, Mar. 19th. It's weird but I never had anything irregular even after my d/c.  Not all women are like this but I think someone mentioned about hcg.  It all depends when that is out of your blood and you ovulate.  Beware of the first af though.  Mine was a doozy, heavier bleeding than I've ever experienced.  I'm hoping this one won't be like that.  Good luck!  
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I got my first AF 30 days after D&C.  I ovulated on day 20 & had a short luteal phase.  The whole cycle was just about 4 days longer than my normal cycle.
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Hi sorry for your loss.  I had a m/c on 12/7/06 and I didn't get AF until 2/24/07!! Yes, it took 12 weeks.  I thought I was preg again.  It really does depend on the individual's body.  I went to the doctor on the 23rd because I didn't see AF and low and behold it came the next day.  I was disappointed because I want a baby so bad, but then I was happy too, so now I can start charting again.  Good luck Sweetie!
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I am right around 9 weeks and still nothing, did u take any progesterone or anything to jump start or did it finally come on own? Does anyone know what happens if I go the 2 weeks after progesterone and still no AF what do I do ? Tomorrow is 14 days, supposed to call dr back if nothing by Tues, but then what? Thanks in advance I'm starting to freak out alittle, I read about scarring not allowing blood to come out and others saying up to 3 months is normal and I really feel like I can't get past this miscarriage until my body gets back to "normal" . I'm 38 and had no problems getting pg with dd (3) now taking meds to ovulate, m/c, d/c, meds to AF, maybe it's just too much forcing my body to do things it doesn't want to do?
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i had a m/c with d&c on 12/5/06. it took me just over 9 weeks to get af.  that cycle was horrid and lasted 9 days. my pre pregnancy had been 4-5 days with a light flow on 3 and spotting on the first and last.

2 weeks later i ovulated and 29 days later i got bfp. i am 6weeks5days today.
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Try to relax.  Try not to worry and just let AF come.  The more you stress the more you may be prolonging AF to come.  I know it is hard.  I have been there.  I will be 36 and I had 2 m/c last year and God knows I want another baby, but I have to try to stop planning and charting and relax.  I have even joined a yoga class.  I am truely sorry for what you are going through.  I know the pain, the anxiety and the worry of not know what is next and when.  Believe me old Aunt Flow will be there.  They were going to prescribe me a medication to make it come down.  When she came she lasted about 7 days and was very light.  I don't bleed much anyway and I usually last only 3-4 days and that is without BC pills.  Good luck to you sweetie!
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Hi all, sorry to hear about your m/c's, well i had one at 7wks and d&c was done in Nov 09 was the most traumatic day,anyway im alive and ok!thats what counts..well i  waited for 4-6wks as they said&no periods went to gp &was told to give it another 2wks still nothing,back to gp had a rescan and some blood test all normal but still no mps...2months later gp put me on the pill and on the 3month i finally got my 1st period after d&c and its hell....really heavy and slightly painful...SO 1st period after d&c doesnt usually take 4-6wks to everyone as they say and if this happens to u dont wait any longer go see gp....Good luck all.....
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