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Period already after miscarriage?

Hi everyone!

I started miscarrying July 17th with spotting...didn't know I was miscarrying.  I'm pretty sure I passed the sac on the 19th.  Was confirmed miscarriage on the 21st.  I bleed for a little while (not too long).

I just started bleeding again yesterday and am still bleeding today.  I was concerned, so I called my doctor, and she's positive it's just my next period already!!

I sure hope it is!  That's wonderful news.  My last period was June 8th....so perhaps my body is keeping with that.

Has anyone else had their first period after miscarriage come exactly 3 weeks afterward?
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My period took exactly 4 weeks after my miscarriage.
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Mine came exactly 4 weeks later. It's good that you don't have to wait too much!
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Thanks, Tasha...  I sure hope it is my period...

I wouldn't know why I would stop bleeding from the miscarriage for two weeks and then start bleeding again.

Everything has been normal in this miscarriage.  There was nothing still inside me during an ultrasound on July 26th.

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Mine took 5....but weird....just spotting......how was your period? any one else with this problem? is this normal?
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I'm sure it's just your AF.  I wish I was you though.  I had mine on July 15 and still nothing ... maybe this weekend.  Maybe we'll both get a BFP next month around the same time!  I'll be watching for youe updates.
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I sure hope you and I get pregnant again soon.  I didn't think this bleeding could have been my period because everyone is saying 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer.

I don't know what else it could be.

I'll be you'll get your soon!  Everyone's body goes through a roller coaster....

By the way, I've been here for awhile and I still can't figure out what BFN and BFP means exactly.  I know that BFN means negative and BFP means positive....but what does the BF part mean?

And when you BD with your husband, I know that means sex, but what does BD stand for?  LoL  I feel silly for asking.  :)
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