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I have never had unprotected sex, and my partner has never misused a condom, nor has one broken.  To be sure, though, the condoms have spermacide, and we practice withdrawal while using them.  My last period was two days late, but before it came, I was a little worried and took an ept pregnancy test, which came out negative.  The next day, my period began, and it was as normal.  My question, based purely on excessive worry, is could I still be pregnant?  I took the other ept test, yesterday (the day after my period was over), and it came out negative, as well.  The only reason I ask is because I had felt unwell the week before my period, and my partner's mother asked him if I could be pregnant.  All sense seems to point to no, but I would like to be doubly sure.
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If you have been having safe sex as you say and have not missed a period And have gotten negative on 2 pregnancy tests, I would have to conclude that you are definitly not pregnant.  However, I am not a doctor.  If you are truly concerned, go have a blood test done.
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Stress could delay your period and cause your symptoms.  All signs point to you not being pregnant.
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You have your period
You ve done pregnancy tests
Your using protection which I may add GOOD for you!! ALot of people out there dont and then end up saying "HMM you think I could be pregnant!  DUH!"

I would say no! To put an end to your worries a blood test is accurate but From what you are saying Id say no..
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