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Playtex drop in and breast milk storage bag

Can you drop your breast milk storage bag directly into the Playtes drop in bottle?  My MIL and SIl told me I could?  Just curious,
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As far as i know you can.....if they are made by Platex than it is aok......!
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I think so, I use the gerber ones and I think they are designed to do so...
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That is what I did... I pumped, poured it into a drop-in, put the drop-in in a bottle (so it wouldn't tip over and spill), then put it in the freezer... Once the breast milk was frozen, I took the drop-in out of the bottle (be careful not to fill the drop-in to capacity because the milk expands as it freezes) and put it is a freezer safe baggy (to prevent freezer burn) - don't forget to put the date on the baggy so that you know how long its been in the freezer... Hope that helped!
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I used the gerbera storage bags and they worked fine with my playtex drop in's.
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Awsome, so I can just take the frozen storage milk, defrost and frop directly to the bottle and feed!  I used Avent with Gavin so there were a lot of bottle washing.  I hope Hayden will take the Playtes bottle so I don't have to mess with all the washing.
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