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Please Advise...any advise is good!

Aloha: I'm not sure what is going on with my body.  but ever since last year i've been getting irregular menses.  I went to my OB and he perscribed me MedroxyProgesterone and clomid a couple times.  After taking it a couple of times I got my menses naturally (without meds), which is really good.  This year, January and February I had my menses but only slightly.  It wasn't heavy as before.  My first day of my last menses was on Feb. 5th 2008.  On March 5th 2008 I thought I was having my menses because when I went to the restroom, i wiped and seen like a small blood cloth. But that's all happend.  No bleeding, cramping a little...not sure what is going on...I took a pregnancy test last week but it turned up negative...what shall I do??? any advice is great.

Mahalo, Mahie79
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call your dr. it could be that you need meds. agian but only your dr. will know and be able to put your mind at ease.
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You really need to get to the bottom of your irregular menses.  You are probably not ovulating regularly, if at all.  Go back to the doctor and explain that you want to know exactly what's wrong, what the treatment plan will be, and what the next actions will be if the initial treatment plan is not effective.

Just getting some Provera and Clomid thrown at you a couple times is not likely to be helpful.  You need to know why you are cycling so irregularly.

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hi it mite be best if you wait till your next cycle then do another test if it still shows negative go to doc and ask 4 blood test for pregnancy. I took 2 tests n they were negative. so i waited till next month and had another test and it showed positive maybe its 2 early and you hgc aint high enough to detect a pragnancy reading.
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