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Please can I talk to someone?

My question is basically that I have spent my life trying to get pregnant, been through one miscarriage 18 years ago (with two normal periods leading up to it) two IUI tries and I gave up hope. I am 33 now.

Next thing you know, I find out last night that AM pregnant. We know nothing more than that except that I'm less than 3 months gone. Problem is I think I'm sat here miscarrying as I type this, but I just don't know and will not know anything until they do an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon.

I don't know what to eat, drink, do and I am on day 9 of what I thought was a normal period (coz it arrived on time 9 days ago regular as clockwork) and I'm sat here cramping and spotting dark blood.

Please can I talk to someone, anyone that has been through anything like this as none of the doctors in the UK will say anything.

It can't be right that I'm sat here miscarrying, surely?

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I'm so sorry that you are so scared.  I pray that you and baby are ok.  Just keep up hope - have you had any bloodwork drawn - what were your levels and I guess you have no idea how far along you are for sure?  Just relax between now and tomorrow and lie on your left side.  I am thinking and praying for you!
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They have not taken any blood. They took a urine sample for the test, checked my blood pressure and checked to see if i was more than 3 months gone, which im told im not. I know no more than that. I wish i could relax, but showing no signs quite yet. Time has almost come to a halt for me.

The bleeding has stopped. Couldn't even say if thats good or bad.

Sorry for being so rude and not even saying hi, ive just got myself worked up a bit i think.

Thank you in any case.

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Im not a Dr nor Nurse, but I believe that were going through a similar experience, the only difference is that you have tested and Im yet to. So I dont know if Im having a m/c or just a normal period. My LMP was 25 Dec and due 21 Jan, which came (so Im thinking) now I wish I had tested before because I wont know until after the bleeding has stopped (which is very moderate, it hasnt soaked up an entire pad - sorry TMI!!) I thought that if its a normal period, the symptoms would go but theyre still here!! The odd thing for me is that I want to urinate all the time - even after Ive just done so!! There is that pressure down there, thats telling my body that I want to go - could that be UTI? Also can you test while bleeding? I know it may sound silly, but I want to know.

I thought I wouldnt have to go through this again, its been almost 3mths. So in helping Daniella, myself and others will be too. Thanks.

God Bless
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Firstly may I say my thoughts are with you Chrisy.

If you period (sorry don't know all ther techtalk like LMP and stuff) has not soaked an entire pad in all this time, then it could be allsorts of things whilst pregnant. I know you can have a pregnancy test whilst bleeding becuase I had one two nights ago that came out positive and another one this morning that came out positive. The bleeding started the day my period was due, hence not knowing.

Pregnancy testing in the UK (have no idea if it's more or less advanced in other countries!) works on your HCG levels, which are the hormones that are released when you are pregnant (for the few who don't know).

I spoke to my sister today, who is pregnant for the first time (5 months). She had two very heavy bleeds during the first three months of her pregnancy. Her bleed was all fresh blood and she had no pain with it. Her Doctor (in Germany) says you need to look out for dark blood and/or pain if you are worried about miscarriage and this is what I have. At times I have no pain, such as now and at other times I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach.

They did an IV (Intra-vaginal) scan on me today. Said that if my last bleed was 9 days ago and my last period in December then nothing would show on an Ultra Sound scan yet. They said  I would be under 5 weeks pregnant.

They found nothing at all, not even abnormal. They also checked the sides. The only disconcerting thing they found was that when I asked her to measure the lining of my womb she calculated 7mm. Now when you conceive you on average have a 12mm lining. So I think this is a miscarriage and the pregnancy levels are fading. Hence all the old and new blood I'm getting. I think the lining is shedding slowly, hence the cramping too and the opening of the cervix will cause cramping too apparently. But I will never claim to be an expert on any of this!

They then gave me the second pregnancy test today which came out "very" (?) positive again.

Then they took my blood and will now test (takes two days in Uk) to see how high the hormone (HSG) levels are, as this will guide their decision on how old this pregnancy is/became (bloody difficult when you have been known to have normal periods whilst pregnant).

Saturday they will test again to see if these hormone levels are rising or dropping.

The results on Monday should tell us if I have miscarried, if 3 week pregnancy mother and baby are fine at the mo or if I am on the way to having an ectopic, in other words it's not big enough to apply pressure on my tubes just yet.

Your symptoms Chrisy, indeed seem similar to mine. Needing to pee more frequently is a symptom of pregnancy, but it's also the symptom of a billion other things, so wouldn't dare say. I'm pee-ing alot more than usual.

The trouble with this topic I find is that confusion can settle in very quickly, coz you don't get any clues at all really from your symptoms. Eg: You can bleed whilst pregnant and the baby is untouched by this or you can bleed while your pregnant and lose the baby. Eg: A pregnancy can come out positive up to a week after you have miscarried. It all makes it really confusing.

Crikey! Last time I was pregnant, you certainly couldn't test for pregnancy this soon!!!!!! 3 weeks seems soooo early to me to be told you are pregnant.
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I am really scared that i am pregnant. I was taking antibiotics a week ago and also was taking my pill, i had a 3 week break for my period. I also had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, does this mean that i could be pregnant?
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