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Please help?? Period symptoms but no period..

I am confuses.....so here goes I will tell you what has been going on,my husband and I have been ttc for a little over 6 month. I believe I have a 24day cycle give or take a few days, in February 15th I had a regular period with cramps and tender breast(breast get sore a few days prior to period) that lasted 5-7 days. On March 9th I went hiking and noticed little pink spots on my panties after I got home....this light spotting turned into a creamy brown discharge that lasted for 5 days, it wasn't much I just used a thin pantie liner. During March I thought it might have been implantation bleeding so I went to the Health Department for a test which came out negative. By March 26th my breast became sore as they usually do before my period starts. By April 2nd I figured my period would start since my breast had been tender for a week. Suddenly I began to get cramping and yesterday it was strong enough for some midal....but still no period?? I has some cm off and on but not A TON, plus my breast tenderness is on the sides on my breast and under them( sore to the touch) and they are most sore before bed and early in the morning. I took 2 pregnancy test from the dollar store 2 days ago that where both negative.    
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If urine pregnancy test is negative then go for a blood pregnancy test. A blood HCG estimation test would be more reliable. If the test is negative then you are not pregnant. If it is borderline, repeat after 48 hours to see if the levels are rising. Rising and doubling levels indicate pregnancy. If this too is negative then other causes of delayed or missed periods will have to be looked at such as ectopics (can give negative urine/HCG tests) and PCODS as both can cause cramping pain. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care!
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