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PosT pregnancy weight loss

So I'm 1 week post pregnancy.  I didn't gain weight al all through out my whole pregnancy,  actually lost weight. (Not over weight to StarT with)

I lost 8 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight during,  now, one week after birth I'm down 27 more pounds! WoO.  I was so worried about gaining as this is my third and I'm not getting any younger Lol. Sooo woot too me: -)
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Yay! I hope same happens to me!! My last kid I gained so much and I wasn't able to shake it all off. With this one I've lost around 20+ lbs already.
Yes, you will definitely melt the weight off post baby!! You gonna look in the mirror like I did and be like "I'm tired feel like crap but man i look good" lol
Lol. Awee how have you been? How's your baby??
Did my msg not send?? Stupid phone data lol
But we are both great! Her levels have dropped by three and once they go down they won't go back Up. we have just been doing sunlight + breasts feeding.  
I didn't get anything. Could be my signal its raining over here lol. But thank god you're both doing good! That's great to hear!!
I Did post about tubal as well
Oh yay! Thanks I'll go see. Congrats hope all continues to go well.
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Congrats and welcome back! How was labor? Also how are you doing with the gestational diabetes? Obviously you probably don't have it now, but I was wondering if you knew if everything went back to normal. I just got diagnosed the day before thanksgiving >:( this is my first pregnancy too, and I'm only 24!
Yes everything is back to normal. :-) they tested babys blood as well to test sugar but she is fine. Not born big at only 6 pounds 5 0z. She's now 7 pounds 4 oz!!  
And this was my third pregnancy and I'm 25 but it's our last!! Woo lol

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