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Positive or negative????

Ladies, ladies, need your advice and imput. Had m/c in August and chemical last month. Have used opk's this month so believe DH and I BD at the right time. So dearly want BFP. AF not due until Thurs but can't resist using clear blue as they say they can predict up to 4 days early.

A VERY FAINT line came up, making a cross symbol indicating positive withing a few minutes. I left it alone and even though it states to disregard after 10 minutes, when I looked an hour later there was absolutely no denying a definate positive line.

I know I desperately want to be pregnant, but I am also no fool in that I'm not just trying to make myself believe its a positive.

Has anybody had any experience of reading positive test lines clearly coming up after 10 minutes when testing early. Have they turned out to be correct or false. Tell me the truth!
Lots of love.
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My dear, it appears you are most likely pregnant.  A line is a line is a line.  The fact that it did not disappear is even better.  Just to be sure, retest in the morning.  Congrats and best wishes.
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Sounds like a BFP to me!  Congratulations.  If you have access to a digital HPT they say either "pregnant" or "not pregnant."  That's what I used because I hate trying to decipher those crazy lines.  Good luck!
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Did your HCG drop back to 0 after your MC last month?  If so, then it would seem you are pregnant again!  Congrats!
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!  Sounds to me like you are knocked up!

I have had faint positives on FRPT up to 5 days before my period.  Two were soooo light they looked like creases, then they kept getting darker and were finally pink within 3 days.  

I have also had one false negative on a cheapie brand (I forget which one).  It was definitely a line in the right time frame, but it was gray. I took a FRPT that same day and it was negative:(

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buy a digital its worth it no guessing..
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Thanks ladies, I did another CBPT this morning and got another VERY FAINT line, possibly slightly lighter than yesterday, which now makes me dread that this could be another chemical.
Will do digital as advised in a couple of days if no AF.
Thank you so much all of you. xxx
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