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Post pardum depression

just wondering if anyone else is suffering and if so what kinds of treatment have you looked into if any?  Or are you just riding it out?
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The nurse at my check-out said to just be sure and talk to someone---a friend, dh....someone.  She said the worst thing to do is keep it inside.  I have one week old twins and have had at least one meltdown per day.  Sometimes it is when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed or sometimes it is just when I look at their pictures!!  My poor dh is so confused about my moods.  According to the info. I read at the hospital, you should call your OB when having a bit more than just the baby blues.  Heck, I almost lost it today when my Dr. was removing my staples---I have been in his office twice a week for 8+ weeks and now I am dismissed for five weeks...I think reality hit that this pregnancy was over and my new life now is beginning....oh geez, the water works are on again!!!
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Thanks I'll talk to my Dr my twins are 12 weeks and I'm just feeling more and more overwhelmed but this weekend was better.
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sorry to hear you are going thru this, however looking at your other posts, perhaps its more then just post partum depression, as you have been having these other addictive behaviors, for many years, I was just thinking that because your other issues have been ongoing, and now the hormones are just adding to everything else, make an appt with a doctor, get on some anti- depressants and see if htey help
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