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Postpartum depression and anxiety .... what is your experience?

I'm not sure if this is the right group to ask this, but I'm looking to see what your postpartum experience has been like. My LO is 7 months old and I am seeing a therapist due to some depression, but mostly anxiety and insomnia. I have always been sensitive to hormones (PMS, etc) but am now realizing just how much having a difficult pregnancy and an emergency birth has influenced my postpartum period. I was at risk for preterm labour, on bedrest for 3 months due to irritable uterus, and ended up having a placental abruption and a scary and emergency birth. All of this added to and increased my anxiety levels, and my partners, in general, and during my postpartum period.

In some ways I am so happy and thankful that everything turned out so well, and I am working hard to resolve my issues and challenge my thought processes but I truly wonder what other mom's experiences have been like. I was elated for at least 3 months after my daughter was born, so completely happy she was here safe and sound and so beautiful, but since about the 3 month mark I have been happy but struggling with severe exhaustion (and beyond the usual baby-sleep-deprivation-exhaustion as I have another child and know the deal), insomnia, mood swings and repeat cases of mastitis. Most days I don't feel like I have the energy to get up and get ready to go out of the house, sometimes I am downright anti-social, and yet when I do tend to get out I do seem to feel better. I probably only have 1 or 2 days a week that I feel energetic or good, though, and that is an approximation.

I am wondering: is this normal? What are you Mommas feeling like, and how are you coping? What are your energy levels like? And what do you find helps? Also: how do you deal with your lack of energy when it comes to your partner/significant other? i find i often feel badly because i am so tired and unable to do anything... i talk to him about it but i still worry about what my low energy levels are doing to our relationship.
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