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Pregnacy Question

I am 20 years old.. I have been having unprotected sex with my bf for a couple weeks. We had sex on sat the 24 of october  when he first came inside of me and then again on tues october 27th which he came inside of me again... on wednesday i felt very nauscous .. I know how to stop my self frm throwing up (just a habit cause i hate throwin up) i have been feeling this feeling of vomit in the back of my throat... I also have been majorly tired.. and weak... I would have speratic cramps but they dnt last long.. Is there a possiblitiy that i am pregnate or is it too early to tell. I also was wondering should i go to the doctor and take a blood pregnacy test or is it tooo early my period is not exspected until the 19th of november ..thanks please respond
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If the first time you had unprotected sex was on the 24th, it would be too soon for nausea and tiredness, and too early for a blood pregnancy test to be reliable, since it has been just one week.  Take a sensitive home test around the 19th.
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its not the first time its the first time that he has confirmed that he has ejaculated inside of mee... we have had sex the whole month of october but i did have my period on the 19 of october ..so i am still confused because they do say that it can sit for a couple of days before it attaches to an egg
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You would not ovulate during your period, so even if you had ovulated in time for the sex on the 24th (which at 5 days after your period began would be pretty early), it would be too soon now for you to have distinctive pregnancy symptoms.  However, this does not mean that by the 19th of November you wouldn't get a positive on the test.  But all you can do at this point is wait, it's just too early for symptoms or a positive on the test.
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I would say if you LMP was on the 19th and then you had sex on the 24th then you could be pregnant but it does take awhile for the signs and symptoms to show up. I concieved on the 20th of September  and didn't feel sick of anything until Oct. 5th.

I didn't find out I was pregnant until the 14th of October and my HCG level was 5 on that day and went up to 17 on the the 16 then tripled 3 days later ... so I hope that helps you.
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