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Pregnancy, cured chlamydia, HPV diagnoses, still having C. symtoms...?

Hello. I am in my 39th week of pregnancy, but early in my pregnancy I was firstly diagnosed with Chlamydia. (Note, I have had a normal uncomplicated pregnancy, although I DID have Chlamydia, it was cured, and was later diagnosed with HPV)...

I needed two (painful) treatments of Azthromycin before I was finally cleared. I still continued to -occasionally- have a slight green/yellow discharge that sort of resembled what it would look like if I blew my nose during a cold. I was tested about 4 times again after having been "cured" and I did not have sex with my fiance. I told my doctor about this a few weeks ago and she said of all the times I'd been tested the results came back negative several times and that I should not worry.

However, only just a month or so ago she randomly told me I had a "normal" pap smear but I had HPV (low risk) genital warts. A couple happened to pop up later in pregnancy due to hormones I suppose. The occasional clumpy green/yellow discharge continued here and there, but still, my OB/GYN insists I'm cleared of it, and that my having HPV will not affect my pregnancy. I have not had sex with my fiance for months and I know he's faithful. Every time I'm tested, the test comes back normal. -So I'm confused!

What could be the possible reason for my continuing having these symptoms? Also, is it safe to use "Aldera" (I believe it's called) to remove genital warts during pregnancy? She prescribed it to me but after a recently embarrassing trip to the Pharmacist who publicly announced that he didn't think I should use this medication during pregnancy, and asked where I needed to apply it, in front of all the other customers... I'm not sure if I should take it. But I'm also afraid of vaginal tearing during delivery, and what will happen if the warts get torn. There are only two small ones located on my perineum, but it scares me to think about it!

Any information or opinions would be helpful! Thank you.

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Well Azithromycin is the cure for chlamydia given by the Dr when your pregnant. Im sure if you took them as directed(1000mg) at once,  then you should be fine. As far as the symptoms goes, maybe it could just be a pregnancy related discharge. If your follow up tests came up negative, and you havent had sexual contact with the person you contracted it from, then i wouldnt worry.

Also, hpv is considered an std. And the warts are common when a pregnant woman has hpv because of there weakened immune system.

Aldara is a class C drug, and should only be taken by pregnant woman if the potential benefits justifies the potential risk to the fetus. In your case, the warts can interfere with a vaginal delivery if there present at the time of labor. Heres a site you can get some info from. Good Luck!

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Forgot to mention that the chemical name for Aldara in the site I recommended you read is Imiquimod. Its under the HPV treatment area.
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