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Pregnancy Induced Hypertension....... Input please

Well just had my 24 week OB appt and my BP has gone from a pre-pregnancy BP of 123/68 to 130/80 at 20 weeks and now 132/86 at 24 weeks. I go in one week for a recheck and to see if holding steady or if up even more. I know they do not want it over 140/90.

Anyone else with this condition and what was the end result? How was it managed?   Also they do not feel sodium intake is the culprit, they think I am in the 10% of it being a fluke thing in a first time pregnancy.
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When I have alot of sodium intake my BP is higher than normal.  Also I have alot of swelling in my ankles but my Dr says that is normal since I stand about 9 hours a day.  Usually with PIH they think you have toxima...did your Dr check for protein in the urine and do you have any swelling? I dont think there would be reason to worry if you dont have swelling or protein in your urine.
Heres some symptoms to look for with PIH:
increased blood pressure
protein in the urine
edema (swelling)
sudden weight gain
visual changes such as blurred or double vision
nausea, vomiting
right-sided upper abdominal pain or pain around the stomach
urinating small amounts
changes in liver or kidney function tests
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I just e-mailed you back but... I have normal 118/75 and when I was at my last appt (13 weeks) it was 140/85, I almost fell over!! They weren't worried about it, she did it with the other arm and it was 130/82. Sorry I don't know anyone that had PIH recently. Guess I just wanted to share. :)
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Be sure you rest frequently on your side, and drink plenty of fluids.  Though sodium is not often the real culprit, it won't hurt to keep it to 2-3 gms a day and to watch your input of extremely salty things.  Severe sodium restriction is NOT good unless your doctor tells you to do it.

Rest as often as you can.  You do not want this to get worse this early in your gestation.  Be sure they are checking labs next week if it doesn't improve, specifically AST/ALT, platelets, and uric acid.  Is there protein in your urine?

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I have no protein in the urine and just mild swelling.  They are not overly concerned yet and just want to monitor it.  They did say that my severe heartburn is linked to hypertension and I never knew that.
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I had PIH with my first pregnancy, and they put me on bedrest, and it got worse towards the end and at 38 wks they induced me. Hope it doesn't go the same way for you. Good luck.
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I have PIH, I was diagnosed about a month ago I am currently 28 weeks. Mine was really high about 150/110 range, it went up and down. They put me on blood pressure meds (ALDOMET) 3 times a freakin day!  It is wearing me out. My blood pressure is down though, so I guess it is working. The swelling has not gone away yet though, I wish it would.. I had pre-e with my last pregnancy but not until 38 weeks and they induced me immediately.  As for now, I am not on bedrest, but told to reduce my activity. I am still working 4 days a week and I have to go to the Dr. every week to get my BP checked blood, and urine. They also made me do the 24 hr. urine analysis which came back ok.  So no pre-e yet, hopefully I will avoid it all together.  Have your dr.'s scheduled you to come in more frequently to check your BP?  You can get one of those bloodpressure cuffs that go around your wrist and check it your self at home, which is what I do. I have found that those read higher than the dr.'s office though, so dont let it scare you too bad. GOOD LUCK!!
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