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Pregnancy Symptoms but No Pregnancy

So I've recently been cured of Hyperthyroidism and I now have Hypothyroidism that has been regulated and  treated with synthetic thyroxine and my doctor told me that I should be capable of having children now. My Bf and I are not trying but we are not using protection, only the pullout method so it's slightly possible that I am pregnant. Before my most recent period I was having severe symptoms of dehydration, nausea, vertigo, and my blood pressure was reading very low, 99/59. After re-hydrating and making some changes to my diet I was able to avoid feeling dizzy and nauseous for the most part. Later I had had a period that wasn't as long as usual but with my condition I've grown used to strange things happening to my cycle. What is really throwing me off is that only 5 days after my period ended I started getting nausea again but much worse and only in the morning, accompanied by intense sadness and mood swings that feel impossible to combat. The mood swings have been at random as well, the other night I cried from a freaking Trailer park boys episode because randy got purple nurpled. Like WTF? Rather strange for me, I'm a very upbeat and positive person. I have also been smelling strange things and my nipples are sore and swollen. I've even been feeling bloated, and I don't usually feel bloated even on my period. It's very irritating for me to get these symptoms because I know that they don't start until later on in a pregnancy and I've had my period in the time that it would take to conceive. I've taken an early pregnancy test because I'm hopeful that I'm pregnant but it came out negative. This means either the test is a false negative or there is something else wrong with me. I'm trying to be realistic and not break my own heart but every time I search for these symptoms is comes up the same thing over and over, your pregnant! But I'm not convinced. I've had a miscarriage in the past and ever since I've been weary of that hope. There have been times when I was so hopeful my symptoms would mean that I was pregnant but that was only when I had nausea. This time it feels more real, it's made the negative result of the test hit pretty hard. I need help to figure out what is wrong with me so that I can stop building up that hope. This time it was soul crushing. I thought for sure I had prepared myself for the negative result but I fell apart. I've talking to my doctor and I'm going to get the blood test done soon, but until then, if I am not pregnant what could this be? I've already checked the symptoms of PSOC and other cyst problems that are know to have similar symptoms and  I don't seem to have any of their common features. I just want to live in peace and not in fear of my own body. Please help.
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