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Pregnancy rash? In early pregnacy?

Hey I was wondering if any one else has experienced something like this in early pregnancy. I
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wow that looks really itchty. Don't know what is wrong, but do know that benedryl is safe to take during pregnancy.  With my first I had hives at the end of my 2nd trimester and took it then.  It will make you sleepy but will take away the itch.  Someone should see you before monday?  It is only Wednesday.  Good luck
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I had PUPPS, and in rare cases it can occur earlier than your 3rd trimester.  I'm not quite sure of the pictures and locations of your rash though.  I had it on my belly, below the belly button line, and then only on my wrists/hands and ankles/feet.  I had nothing on my back or my arms.  

I'd definitely get seen though!!  Whatever it is, it needs to be addressed.
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Oh, have you been using any new lotions at all to help with the general itchiness of pregnancy?  You might be having an allergic reaction to that.
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I got a wad of nasty bumps from cocoa butter, which is of course the classic recommended thing for preggers ladies' skin.
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I have not been doing anything, using anything, or eating anything diferant from before I was pregnant and this just showed up 2 days ago. so im baffeled. I tried to get in earlyer to the dr and they said they are packed and couldnt get me in till monday and i even told them what was going on and they said for me to not worrie it will be addressed at the appointment i was like uhg ok so.... Now I'm waiting and that
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Maybe call them back and ask if you can take Benedryl in the meantime to see if you can get some relief.
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