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Pregnancy scare please help!

Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex a few times, but I never discharged. I may have had pre-*** I can’t really tell, but I most likely did. She is a day late in her period so far and is mad with me. If she is pregnant is there any way to get rid of the baby. She hasn’t exercised that much in the past month and is now currently stressed out about the pregnancy thing. I’m freaking out because I can’t have a baby right now and her parents would hate me for the rest of my life.  
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Unplanned pregnancies are definitely stressful and less than ideal.  Hopefully she has gotten her period.  Let me know!  Women are late for a variety of reasons but since you did have unprotected sex, she should test if she has not yet gotten her period. Always use a condom!  good luck
Everything turned out well for us she got her period and we are stress free.
Great!  glad to hear

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