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hi I'm not sure whats going on with my body and I'm not sure if it is because I'm pregnant or not...me and my fiance has been having unprotected for a few months now but this time we actually thought i was....my last period lasted 3 days instead of 5 and then we had sex unprotected a few times for 2 weeks, i did get my period but a week earlier then i was suppose to and it lasted 4 days before i got my period i did do a preg test but it came out negative and after my period i had sinus for a few days and then it went away and to be quite honest i don't feel well at all...I'm tired alot, I'll feel sick for no reason and I've only noticed today then its getting worse, i have light very light discomfort in my lower stomach and I've been having alot of headaches now for the last 3 days and dizzyness ( like when you stand up very quickly and your head feels very weird), i do feel moody but not alot. I get heartburn and as i am sitting and typing this i feel sick and my stomach is cramping slightly. please dont be rude i am only here to ask advise....i've been reading and searching up thousands of posts but i still do not feel satisfied with the answers. Any advise is welcome, i just need to know from others if they had any same symptoms ect and if it is pregnancy?

thanks :-D
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When was the last time you did a HPT?

I would wait a few more days then do another one with FMU.

But as most women will tell you, symptoms are not always indicative of pregnancy. There are other reasons you could be having symptoms. Stress, illness, horomones, AF coming on etc....
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I havent done another HPT after i did it that once and when i did that i did it after my first urine. So i did the test on the second time i went to the bathroom. But thank you. I'll do another test and see what happens. oh and the last time i did the HPT was maybe around a week or less before i got my period.
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If it was that much before your period, I would definitely do another one. That was probably too soon to do one.
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Thats what i was thinking...i also wanted to know, is it true that most woman actaully have there periods while being pregnant and if so what other symptoms do you also get when you are pregnant besides the most obvious one that are mostly spoken of? .... ( just want to know everything there is for future reference ) and also with cheap home pregnancy tests...does it matter if its a expensive one or cheap one? i know cheap ones aren't always accurate like i've read on the internet. and thanks for the help and advise.
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No, most women don't get their periods while pregnant.

It's true that some women can have some bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's not a period per se.

Symptoms are not always indicative of pregnancy.  Symptoms can be from stress, illness, horomones etc...

If you do want to know early symptoms, you can type early pregnancy symptoms in a google search and you will get some idea.

The best ones seem to be First Response. Most of the women around here tend to use that brand. It's the most sensitive
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