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Hello everyone, i noticed i had a missed period i took 3 pregnancy tests & they all came up positive. I started having cramps so i went to the er they checked my hcg level and it was 130 they did an ultrsound & saw nothing no sac in my uterus nothing.. they told me to come back in a couple days so they could check my hcg level again they told me the cramps were normal in early pregnancy and would go away..i am also have signs of pregnancy like frequent urination, heartburn, cravings.. etc.  i went back a couple days later and my hcg level only went up to 190..(its suppose to double everyday)  they were worried and said i might have an ectopic pregnancy which means the baby could be in my fallopian tubes instead of my uterus.. they made me an app to go see an OB.. they did & internal ultrasound and still nothing, according to my last estmiated menstral period i am 4.5 to 5 weeks pregnant and ive read that you will be able to see something, just a little worried & wanted some advice so i can put my nerves to ease..
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maybe ur fetus still small and wait another weeks to go.. Some of my friends mommy chance their OB and waited for a couple more weeks to see the progress. after 10-12 weeks they saw they little one growing, some don't only empty sac. Dont worried to much, think positive. But u having a pain strike on ur stomach go to OB asap maybe ectopic.
If u got ectopic , i got something to tell. I have been through that situation but in different way. I didn't know i'm having another baby at my right Fallopian tube until i was miscarry the other one in my sac. I'm having still a symptom of pregnancy while i already miscarry for 3 day (9 weeks preg) i'm see my doc to do some cleaning my sac and tell about my worried either i'm still preggie or just my paranoid feeling. then i was shock my hcg level high, i got ectopic without any symptom of pain. and do the internal ultrasound cant detected which Fallopian my fetus go. i been do repeated the internal ultrasound and found internal bleeds from my right tube (after a 4 days checking).. So i lost my tube, but it least i got another one on my left side. Any thankful, i'm safe even i got terrible bleeds on internally my fallopian rupture already. I got the right choice and think the positive way.

try for another choice, i heard if earlier u can eat some medicine if u got ectopic.
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