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Pregnant @ 12 weeks then suddenly NOT pregant

I am 28.5 yrs old. This was my first pregnancy. Had first ultrasound at 6 weeks, 8 weeks then 10. 11, 12, 13.
The frequency for the ultrasounds was because I was diagnosed with early Toxemia.  In my 12th week I had a healthy fetus. The week after, week 13, NO FETUS.  No bleeding or cramping. Several other ultrasounds were performed for the next week and still there was no longer a fetus, no sack and no heartbeat.
My OBGYN decided to do an emergency exploratory.  He performed a dilation, found the plug still completely intact.
He put a endoscope up through into my uterus and discovered that there was no fetus. He then decided to perform a total cleaning of my uterus for health reason and sent the contents to pathology.
When the pathology report came back it stated that "No fetal matter nor placenta was found either."
In fact, if the OBGYN / Gynecologist himself had not of performed the some of the prior ultrasounds himself, seeing that I was indeed pregnant. He would have possibly disputed that a mistake had been made regarding that there had never been a pregnancy in the first place.
What happened to my baby?  Where did it go? What was there no remnant left of the pregnancy at all?
This has left me feeling almost haunted and very, very upset and confused!

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