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Pregnant after an ablation

Last year I had an ablation of the lining of my uterus. The dr. told me that I could'nt get pregnant. Over a year later, I am pregnant and scared to death. I have been reading up on ablation, and have came across nothing but "you should'nt get pregnant after an alation, because it's high risk for the mother and baby". I do not know how far along I am, but I believe about 4 mths already. I go to the dr. on Monday, but I was wondering has anyone heard of someone having an ablation and then getting pregnant and everything turned out great. Thank you for your time.

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my understanding of ablation was that it was the burning away of the uterine lining, leaving scar tissue which makes it difficult for the uterine linng to build back up, usually done as a remedy to heavy irregular periods in women who are through building their family.

i would think the risk to the baby would be during the 1st trimester (which you may already be past) when implantation occurs and the placenta develops. Once the placenta takes over, I'd think the baby would be home free.  I'm not sure what the risk to you would be, except they probably wouldn't let you deliver vaginally, due to risk of uterine rupture during labor from the scar tissue.

I had a friend who had the ablation done. her doc told her it would be impossible to get pregnant in the next 10 years, that she probably wouldn't even have a period for quite a long while... guess I better tell her about you, huh? LOL.

did they do your ablation for heavy periods, or was there some other reason?

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Thank you so much for replying to my post. Yes, they did mine for heavy periods, plus I was in so much pain to due to my periods. No, one is not to get pregnant after this, or at least thats what they told me. But you see my dr's was wrong. They are telling me now that I will be able to carry the baby, but still, I am scared to death. I go to have an ultrasound done on monday to see where the baby has planted itself. And to see what is instore for me then. Just tell your friend to use all the protection she can from getting pregnant, cause apparently, you can still get pregnant after an ablation. I was finished having my babies, thats why I had it done. I have 3 children. But you know, I have looked at it since I have gotten over the shock that it must have been the Lord's will, so I am looking at it that way, and if he wants me to carry the baby, then I will. That is the only way to look at this situation. I have put it all in his hands, but that dont meant I am not scared to death. Again thank you for replying to my post.

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You are over a large portion of the danger if you have indeed made it to 16 weeks without incident--golly, you must have had a lot of endometrium left after the ablation.  You must have continued to have some sort of period or significant bleeding during the last year if you had that much endometrium left, surely.  

Stranger things have happened, I suppose.  If you are 16 weeks, you should be feeling the baby move (if this isn't your first pregnancy) and your uterus should be clearly palpaple halfway to your belly-button.  How are you counting your dates?  

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"Ablation does NOT provide reliable birth control, since ovulation still takes place as before, and the uterine lining may be receptive to a pregnancy. Second, pregnancy in general should not be elected after an ablation; in fact, it can be dangerous. The procedure can cause changes in the uterus that make pregnancy potentially hazardous to the mother, including possible complications such as uterine rupture and placenta accreta (a placenta that becomes "stuck" to the uterus and cannot be removed, causing potentially life-threatening bleeding). Because of the potential problems with future pregnancies, it is generally recommended that reliable birth control, including male or female sterilization, be considered in women who undergo ablations."


Here is a paragraph from the book, A Gynecologist's Second Opinion: The Questions and Answers You Need to Take Charge of Your Health by William H. Parker, M.D., with Rachel L. Parker, Contributions by Ingrid A. Rodi, M.D. and Amy E. Rosenman, M.D:

"Once the lining cells of the uterus are destroyed by the procedure, there is no place for a developing fetus to attach within the uterus. If some cells remain following an ablation, there exists the rare possibility of pregnancy occuring. If pregnancy were to occur, termination would most likely be recommended as doctors are concerned that without adequate cells lining the inside of the uterus, the placenta would grow directly into the muscle wall of the uterus and take hold like the roots of a tree. As a result, the placenta would not be able to separate at the time of delivery, and hemorrhage could occur. This procedure is not a form of birth control and another method of birth control must still be used to avoid pregnancy."

So it sounds like it can be very dangerous, still!  
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I think I may be pregnant as well.  It will be two years in August since I had the ablation done due to heavy bleending and pain caused by the bleeding.  I have three children.  My youngest has a terminal chromosome disorder and didn't want anymore children.  I am scare to take a test...tell my husband or anyone for that matter.  Scared and don't know what to do.  My husband and I are already constantly fighting.  This would end us for sure.  I have thought that I might be pregnant for about three weeks now but haven't had any of the 'normal' signs.  My stomache is showing signs and there is pressure in my abdomen if I bend over or lay on my stomach.

I just can't believe this is happening to me...I already have a special needs child.  My marriage is in the dumps and now this.  I can't handle it.

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This is for Sweetie,  What are the symptoms of your pregnancy.. do you get sore breasts? I had an ablation done 2 years ago and I am feeling pregnant , my breasts hurt and my stomach is big and nausea.. sometime ago I did a test and it was negative and I am scared to do another test.. My doctor told me  that there are chances its not a 100% on the surgery.. I have had my 2 kids and I worried. please email me at ***@**** and good luck!
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I am wondering how everything went for you? The post was in 05? Can we please have an update? I am 2 years post ablation and just found out I am 18 weeks and 2 days pregnant! The doctor is quite conserned about the placenta growing into the uterus and not being able to seperate at birth, which is handled by them taking the uterus at the time of birth, that aside, baby and I should be fine! So I am starting to calm down a bit, but would like to know how you and baby are?
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Hope all is going well. Glad I found you. I have so many questions. Had the novasure done in May of '06. My husband had a vasectomy so birth control was not a concern of ours. We divorced not long after that. I am in a serious relationship with a man that has no children and is very capable of having them. I started taking birth control pills    . Now I bleed continuously. I hate it. He and I will probably marry some day soon. Not sure if I would want to take the risk of becoming pregnant. People will think I am nuts for even considering this. Would love to give him a child if that is something for us. Not sure what to do. Was wondering after your procedure, did you still have heavy periods? When I had this done I was told I had a very thick uterine wall. Wondering if that is why I still have heavy periods. I did go 77 days without a period at all. Doc said probably due to stress and weight loss. Not sure if I should just go and get a tubal ligation and be done with this whole thing.  Would love some input from anyone....
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I had the ablation too and then divorced.  I amnot with a wonderful man who does wants kids and I am so scared, but I want to try. I is so nice to hear good stories for once about this!
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oops. I just re-read what I wrote, that should have said I am now with a wonderful man!!!
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I had my ablation done two years ago for heavy periods and thinking that i would not want more kids, as things turned out i met a wonderful man and will be getting married in april, only problem is now we are wanting to have a baby, is this at all possibe, i still have a monthly period
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I had a Ablation performed in Dec 06', and recently found out that I am 14 weeks pregnant.  I've been terrified that I won't be able to carry to term.  Right now everything is looking fine, although they will be continually doing ultrasounds to make sure the placenta is attached properly and if so that the baby is growing properly.  Everything feels normal except I seem to have alot more abdominal discomfort than in my previous pregnancies.  Have you experienced it as well?  I think maybe because the Placenta is rooting so deep in the uterine walls may be causing it.  I hope all is going well in your pregnancy, and I would love to hear your experiences.  I was so in shock when I found out, because I was told this could'nt happen, so I was relieved to know others are in the same position and I was not alone in this.

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