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Pregnant and taking amoxicillin and I am having side effects!

I am taking amoxicillin for an infection while 5 months pregnant and now I am having on of the side effects of vaginal itching. I still have 5 more days to finish the medicine. What can I do to relieve the itching!
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i always get yeast infections while taking amoxicillin.  try eating a yogurt everyday.  the live clutures in the yogurt replace the good ones that the amoxicillin is killing off.  
I have being having itching nd discharge after taking ampiclox ampicilling, what can I do about it
This sounds like you now have a yeast infection after taking antibiotics.  This is common.  Sorry it's happened to you.  You can see your doctor for confirmation and he can prescribe a pill to clear it up or use otc products that work pretty well.  good luck
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Yep, I agree with sallystar! She took the words right out of my mouth! :) Good luck!
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ask your doc first of course, but i had to treat a yeast infec while i was pg, and was told to use the cream stuff as the diflucan pill is unsafe.
in fact, id ask the doc asap since you could use the cream externally till a few days after done w/ the pills then treat fully.  
you should not continue with the infection.  its more dangerous to have a long term yeast infec and risk it turning into bacterial vaginosis than to treat it early
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Make sure you drink lots and lots of water, everytime i take antibiotics my mum always drums that into me as you can get thrush while taking anitbiotics.
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Hi i am also having the exact same problem. Im also 24 weeks pregnant, my doctor gave me some thrush cream to releive the itching, it worked! Good luck x
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