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i'm driving myself, and my partner crazy. I have been trying for a baby for over a year now and every month I seem to unfortunately have every symptom under the sun only to find a week later I get my period =( Im nearly 22 years old and went into trying to have a baby with the idea that I wouldn't be one of those women that have to wait to fall pregnant. I notice a light spotting 2 weeks after my periods this month and was hopeful for implantation spotting. It stuck around for the next 2 days, only tiny bits of brown stuff (the usual before my period). I had cramps around the same time though which was strange I only ever get cramping the week before my period not 2 weeks. One night in particular I went to bed and they were shooting through my stomach and back and when I woke and headed into work early morning they shot down my leg, quite painful and something I have never had before really. My boobs became quite sore like usual but again 2 soon and I found myself needing to eat everything, I went through 2 packets of chewing gum a day just because I needed to be eating all the time. My hormones went aw all and I felt myself getting sick and bloated like never before. the spotting stopped but has started back up again a bit darker for the past 3 days (im due in 3 days) I had sex a week ago and looked down and noticed some blood on my partner and then 3 days ago, bright red blood on him but it had immediately stopped. I have done 4 hcg test hahaha all before Im supposed to of course and they all came back neg.I now have lost my voice and am feeling quite drained I am a trainer in a gym and do alot of physical activity, Alot of high paced exercises so I am a little concerned if I am pregnant, I also jump dirt bikes and have tried not to stop my life and concentrate all my energy on trying for a baby because it has been so long but I can't bear the disappointment again. what are your thoughts?? Im going to do another test tomorrow, but already set my heart up to expect the same result. my cramps are quite strong rite now, like my period is almost here and my spotting is slightly darker, but bloating is farely gone. Im going insane!!!!  
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It is probably time to see a doctor for some tests (both you AND your partner) to see why you aren't conceiving.

Also...the strong desire to be pregnant can cause stress which can throw your cycle out of whack...and make it harder to conceive, but more likely you will see all sorts of signs of pregnancy....and stress even more. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle.
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I know I am trying so hard  not to concentrate on it, its just hard when I do everything properly and forget about dates and just wait until I am overdue and test and even then I don't end up pregnant. My periods have always been this way, I get cramping, sore boobs and nipples, mood changes all the usual pregnancy symptoms every month and every month I have not drunk, I quit smoking a year and a half ago, I don't ride my bike as much, all just incase. My partner has seen the doctor but is still a little nervous about the sample lol
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Will they let you help him with the sample? :)

I feel for him...I think if my husband had ever had to give a sample, he would have a difficult time. He would probably have issues with erectile dysfunction...something he never has issues with!
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POSITIVE!!!!! so happy today, it was only faint but I still have 2 days until I am due. couldnt believe it, even doubted it, was a negative when I first did it but looked at it like 4mins later and the faint line was there. booked in with the doc tomorrow morning, not saying anything to anyone till ive seen him, just to be certain, still nervous I had a false reading, still in shock I guess. =) but extremely happy!!!
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I am so happy for you!! Congrats! Hope all goes well with the doctor today!
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Congratulations!!! Keep us posted on your pregnancy indeed :D
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