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Provera and pregnancy

I was put on Provera 11 days ago and I have still not gotten my period. I've been experiencing nausea and food aversions so my doctor sent me for a blood test to see if I'm pregnant. Me jumping the gun, I took a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. Now I am worried I may be pregnant. I'm afraid the side affects of the Provera would cause serious birth defects as I've been reading. My question is could the residual of the Provera give a false positive reading and if not, what would be the chances of birth defects to my unborn child. I took Provera for 5 days (10 mg).
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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All I could find was regarding Depo Provera :

The current opinion on the risks of depo provera during pregnancy is:

"Current data do not show any increased risk for birth defects caused by taking hormones during pregnancy." (from Hatcher's Contraceptive Technology).

But here is this, regarding Provera:

"While there appears to be a slight increased risk of congenital abnormalities after exposure to Provera during pregnancy, this risk is quite small. Most physicians advise patients whose pregnancies have been exposed to Provera to consider having a level III ultrasound examination. This in-depth examination of the fetus by a trained perinatologist will most likely reassure you that no major defects are present.

In order to avoid even this small risk, I advise patients to have a pregnancy test immediately before taking medication to induce a period. Still, since it may take two weeks from the time of ovulation for a pregnancy test to turn positive, there is a possibility that some women may take it while pregnant and thus expose their pregnancies to this hormone. To limit this risk, I prefer to use a natural micronized progesterone to induce menses rather than the synthetic Provera, which is a derivative of naturally occurring male hormones."

Hope this helps.

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In fact, years ago, oral Provera was used as a pregnancy test.  If you took it and didn't get your period, you were presumed pregnant!
Obviously, nowadays, there are sensitive tests available to diagnose pregnancy.  I hope you read above that the risks are VERY SLIGHT.  It is better, of course, to not have had that exposure, but the risk of something happening is small.

Discuss with your MD.
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