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Prozac and Pregnancy

I have suffered from anxiety and OCD since I was a child. Too make a long story short, I stopped my medication, 20 mg of prozac a day, when we started TTC. I have been extremely anxious, my OCD is out of control and its causing alot of stress between my DH and I.WE have only been TTC for 3 months and I am in my 2ww right now, but I have to wonder if my anxiety could actually keep us fm gettting PG.  My doctor seems to think it would be ok to go back on my med. I have done some searching and prozac seems to be pretty safe during pregnancy. I would love to hear from anyone else who is currently pregnant or TTC and is in a similar situation and if anyone has continued it through there entire PG and then breast fed.
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I was on Welbutrin (also an anti-depressant) and went off it the day I found out I was pregnant. I could only find conflicting articles as to whether it was ok thru pregnancy- although it did seem to say to stop the third trimester for sure. This is a tough call b/c unless you hear it's definitely safe,you're unsure to take it. But, as you've found out, going off it is like anyone else going off a medicine for a chronic disease- symptoms return. Although I don't believe stress like yours would keep u from getting pregnant, you should tell your Md how anxious you are. I'd probably go back on it for sanity. Deal w/the breastfeeding issue later b/c keep in mind stress will increase when the baby comes and the Prozac may be a God send. I'm doing OK w/out it,but will not hesitate to go back on it later if I need to.
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Thank you Amy. I think I will go back on it, at least for the time being. Things may be a different story when I actually do get PG but for now I really want to feel better and I know that taking the med. will help me.
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First off regardless, one should NEVER just up and stop taking anti depressants. ALWAYS alert your dr and have them tell you how to ween yourself off of them. If you just up anmd stop you can have MANY adverse reactions! So just be very careful, those drugs can be amazing to help a person, and detrimental to others. Good luck and always remember that there have never been any tests done on pregnant women to see if there acutally are birth defects caused by the drugs. There is only chance! And if you want to take that chance.  Baby dust to you and I hope you let us know if you are PG soon:)
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