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Question- Open Forum Also

I am TTC to conceive had period Feb 21-27.  I ovulated on March 1st.  Cycles are 22 days.  BD on Mon, Wednes, Thursday and Friday.  Had brown drown only when I wiped on Monday - Wednesday, not bad.  Today I feel nausated, had slimy clear stuff when I wiped with a tint of brown.  What could this be?  I also had abd heartburn on Monday and Wednesday.
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I am in the same boat as you froggie!!

I am on cd21 with ewcm last night (1 glob) sorry TMI.. i am hoping i am not just ovulating NOW but who knows.. we bd just in case..

Good luck froggie..

And i would like to hear anyone's feedback on my clear cm on cd21!!


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I still have clear cm when I wipe, not sure if it is THE fertile fluid but I just treat it like regular cervical fluid.
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Froggies, could very well have been implantation bleeding/spotting but as we all know on this site only an hpt or blood test will give you your answer! I got a bfp on 8dpo with fmu and you're on 8dpo now so maybe test tomorrow am if you're really anxious. Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust.

Staci, my first cycle after d&c was 28 days and so I assumed 2nd cycle would be the same and so we bd from cd 13-16 but then on cd 20 I started having O pains and producing a little ewcm and ran home and took an opk and totally +++++ so we bd cd20-23 and that was it! Thank goodness I was clued into the signals or I wouldn't have gotten my bfp.  Your cycles could still be wacky so I'm glad you BDed just in case.
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thanks I dont ever want to say i didnt try..

I hope that i o'ed last week, but if last night was the night then we got it..

Thanks for the feedback!!

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Wow, you ovulate really early in your cycle!  Good thing since your cycles are only 22 days long, but sounds like your LP is ok if you ovualte that early.  Could be lots of things, from implantation bleeding to a little blood from AF or sex.  Try not to psyche yourself out, sounds like you could test as early as March 15th, which by my calculations would be when you're supposed to start AF.  Good luck and sticky baby dust to you!  

I've got a question:
I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and I've notice I am very tight and swollen as the day goes on and by the time I go to bed, I am pretty uncomfortable and bloated.  By the time I get up, I am considerably less swollen the next morning.  I just went to the doc on Tuesday, didn't mention anything, but blood pressure was normal and all was fine.  Should this be concerning or is it normal to have swelling from the day.  I am a secretary and don't get off my feet much, but the bloating is mostly in my stomach area and legs.  Any thoughts?
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when i'm not pregnant, but the end of the day i can tell i'm a little more swollen than i was in the morning. nothing is wrong with that i would say. just drink plenty of water and try to put your feet up when you go home. when my best friend was pregnant, she barely drank any water and ate a lot of fast food and salty foods, so she swelled up a lot. so it could be a mixture of what you eat and the day. like i said, on a normal day i feel more swollen at the end of the day myself. i too sit all day at a microscope. i wouldn't worry too much, but bring it up to your doctor if you are seriously worried.
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With my pg with dd I started getting swelling at 10 weeks in my legs and by the end of the 2nd trimester it was deemed "gross edema" and yet my blood pressure was always normal. It was a ghastly sight to say the least. One you get home from work try to keep your legs elevated and beyond that there's not much to do. Just wait until post partum when the swelling gets even worse! Just lovely! LOL.
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Thanks!  That's a little more comforting.  I drink lots of water all day and I've been trying to cook more often so we don't eat junk food.  I'm terrified I have gestational diabetes though, I'm constantly thirsty and that's supposed to be one sign.  I don't drink anything but water, it only makes my thirst worse if I do.  I have a glass of ice water by my bed at night and when I get up to go to the bathroom, I have to drink some which makes me go to the bathroom 2 hours later, and so on and so on.  It's a vicious cycle and I don't get much sleep, but I get so thirsty.  That's my only sign of the gest. diab. thing, so I'm hoping it's something else that's causing it, like the baby.

I ended up having some swelling by 6 months and the jeweler had to cut my rings off my finger (wedding rings) and I can already tell my feet are swollen too.  I only wear tennis shoes to work since my cute sandals don't fit right anymore...  Anyway, thanks again!
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Did they run a blood panel on you?? when they did my prenatal screening one of the things they looked for was toxoplasmosis in my blood (didnt have any)... So if your doctors checked then you should be fine.. Just dont let any part of the poopy near you.. If you cat is indoors the chances are also lower.

As far as never having your cat to the vet, you are not doing her any favors.. she can still get sick.. She should have a annual exam even if she is indoors..

(dont worry i am not PETA or anything) :-)

Congrats on your baby!!
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The Forum was full....I just have a concern.  I am 13 weeks pregnant & had a check up today.  The doctor says that my placenta is thin and I needed to avoid strenuous activity.  Is this bad?
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I am 14 weeks pregnant. I thought I was just extra "wet" before my period because I get like that before af, anywho I was pregnant. I wasn't even expecting this baby so soon, but that's one thing that really stood out. When I wiped it seemed like ewcm. I was a little late on my period so i thought maybe I had o'd later. Good luck ladies I hope this is the same for you! Baby dust******** And God Bless!!
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I am new to this, and have been trying to post a question but everyday it is full so i assume this is where i can go to ask.
I am concerned with my cat.  I am a worry wart anyways.  I am 20wks prego.  My husband takes cat litter out once a week.  I could never get him to to everyday!  My cat is 6yrs old but really tiny and it doesn't need to be cleaned more than once a week!  My cat has never been outside my home.  I am worried about Toxoplasmosis.  My cat has been my only child for six  years.  Sleeps in my arms at night and under the covers.  She is with me always.  My doc says that my cat is ok just make sure hubby takes out litter.  But every night I have some anxiety about WHAT IF? My cat is crazy!  She has never been to the vet. Just getting near the windows freaks her out so badly I have always been afraid of heart attack with her if i took her out.  Does anyone have cats that can calm my anxiety.  Any thoughts on this would help. Just want to feel like i am doing enough by having him take out litter and still having relationship with my kitty.
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