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Question about Provera

So i go to the dr today because i haven't had a af since august, and I found out im not preggers. :(    I went off the bc pill in july(trying to concieve now!),so my dr believes im not ovulating due to hormonal in-balance, so she is putting me on Provera. I've never used it before! if anyone has, can you fill me in on such things as: What are the side effects? How bad is your af after using the ten day cycle? Im afraid to take it, and i know i have to, but i want some knowledge about it from people who have had to use it before! Help!
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I took Provera (progesterone) for 7 days and did not notice any side effects.  After you stop taking it, you should have a period within 3-10 days.  If not, it means your body is not producing enough estrogen, so you may be put on a estrogen/progesterone regimen until your periods are back to normal.

I would not worry about taking Provera. But definitely talk to your Dr. if you concerned about side effects.
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Thanks for the feedback, i just never like to walk blindly into taking a medication.  :)
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I stopped my BC in August of 2005 because hubby and I decided to TTC.  Well I didnt have AF and most likely it was due to me previously being on Depo Provera in 2004 and BC pills.  So in December 2005 my Dr gave me provera.  I took it for 7 days 10mg and I got AF 2 days later...usually you get AF anywhere 3 to 10 days after the last pill.  Well in Jan 06 still no AF since the one in Dec.  So I again took Provera, same dosage.  Well in Feb still no AF and I took a HPT and got a BFP! My periods were a little heavier than they were when I was on BCP's and I had more cramping, but I never had cramping before BCP's or when I normally had AF.
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Hi everyone this is my second month on Provera, I've never had a period on my own its always been medically induced I guess you can say, last month I started my ten day dose and nothing happened. Its been almost a year since my last period, so I was thinking maybe its just me idk. Well this month so far nothing still, breast tenderness and some bloating, but I don't know why the provera wouldn't work now as it always has, any suggestions ladies. Thank you
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