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Question about my newborn and toddler

So I just had my sweet boy 5days ago and I feel the baby blues kicking in and my main sadness right now is that I can't spend as much time with my 15 month old like I usually do considering I'm recovering from a c section and also nursing. I can't pick up on her and she doesn't understand. There are just alot of things I'm not able to do with her right now and it's got me down. My husband is the main one caring for her right now. I just want to feel like her mommy again. Did anyone go through this and what did you do to make more time for your toddler? Also it does get better right?
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keep yourself together,  sadly because of hormonal imbalance we all -ALL!- go through this,  you can do this! keep busy, that helped me keep the bblues  abay and instead of concentrating on how you are not spending time with your older,  find  a way - a quick hug, a bedtime story/ song,
considering little is only 5 days old ,pleaaaaaase give yourself time to adjust, you will do great
and big BIG thank you to your hubby for stepping up to parenthood, you're awesome,  it does take a lot to be this kind of partner, thank you
Thank you so much. I'm just trying to keep positive. I have been asking her for lots of kisses and hugs and at her nap time today I laid with her and watched Sofia the first. I just feel it's not enough compared to her having all of me all the time. This is just a big change for her and me. Your absolutely right. I just need to keep busy and give myself sometime to adjust and she will to. Thank you so much.
And yes he is amazing. I don't know what I would do without him right now. He is my rock and he's been so great and supportive these past couple days.
you are doing a lot, this will stabilize back to your normal with older ,  you need to heal, and it's perfectly good that you're feeling this way, I certainly did, and once fully healed I loved being back to normal things like cuddling and wrestling and once you will heal your will get to do that twice as much because then you will have 2 :)))) to do that with <3!
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I wish I could help, I'm being induced on the 5th with my second and I'm already crying every night thinking about how she wont understand what's happening & I won't get to devote my time to her. At least you're not alone?
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I have a two year old and going through the exact same thing my daughter isn't handling it to well and it hurts to see her sad and also my new born is five days old as well. I'm just crying all the time and trying to stay positive and know it isn't forever
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I'm feeling alot better now! Things are coming together! It's not easy but it's not as bad as I was making it to be lol! Everyone was right.. I just needed to give myself sometime to heal and I did. Baby blues are just about completely gone and me and things aren't exactly the same as they use to be with me and my daugbter but we spend our time together just me and her and we make it work. She's a great big sister besides the occasional constant messing with him lol but she just wants to help is all and that's what makes her great lol. Thanks to everyone who gave me their advice. I really appreciate it and you where right lol and to anyone worried about this I promise it gets better just give it some time!
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