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Question about washing baby's new clothes. In public place?/ when to start packing hospital bags?

My bf and I have been working hard to get my apartment in order to make room for our little one.  We've already accumulated TONS of clothes and sheets and blankets for her, thanks to her grandparents!  Anyhow, I really want to wash all of her belongings and put them in order (by size)in her dresser.  Since I live in an apartment building with over 1000 units, obviously I dont have my own washer/dryer.  We have a laundry room that I eventually will have to use for her but, I dont know if I should use it initially. I know I should use "Dreft" or "Ivory snow" but I've been told to use ammonia on the machines before use (or during, I'm not sure).  Any suggestions as to what I should do or use?  I can also pack up her stuff and take it to my moms house.  She has her own washer but it will be a huge hassle to get everything over there.  What do you think?

Also, I'm 30 weeks now. Should I Start packing our bags around 35 weeks?

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With my daughter, I lived in apartments and used shared laundry rooms.  I had no issue.  I also used/use regular laundry detergent.  I use the kind without dies.  All three of my children have done fine.  If there would have been a skin irritation, I would have done something else.  When I was a first time mom, I was very paranoid and did everything by the book.  It changed after a few months.  I think that is what typically happens for most people.  The babies are not as fragile as one might think.  Really, you should be ok not using amonia on the laundry machines.  If the one you are getting ready to use looke particularly nasty, maybe wait for a different one.  

I packed my bag at around 36 weeks.  I really pushed it there.  I had my sone at 37 weeks 4 days (on Feb 13th).  Little monster was 9lbs 2 oz and still early.   He would have been HUGE.  I think 35 would be fine.  Just have your make-up (if you wear it) and hair dryer ready to toss in at the last moment.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.  You are in the home stretch now!
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With my first I lived in an apt and always used the laundry facilities there.  I even used cloth diapers.  

I am not a huge fan of baby detergents.  I prefer to use an unscented, phospate free brand.  Much cheaper too.  And I always wash the baby's stuff with mine.  (Except diapers of course, they get washed all on their own>)
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I dont think using public washers is a problem at all, using dreft or ivory snow is good, dye, fragrance free is good also, the ivory snow is my favorite bec of the smell just like a newborn. Pack your bags anytime from 35 on bec never know when you will go in.
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Thanks so much for your advice.  I know it sounds like I'm trying to do thing by the book but to be honest, I dont even like to put my clothes into those machines! lol Yuck.  I have sensitve skin and I was told that she may as well. So I just wanted to be extra cautious the first time around.
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I'm sure boogaloo didn't mean there's anything wrong with doing things by the book.  :-)  

My DS turned 2 in October and I just now switched him to a dye free Tide.  He has been on Dreft this entire time.  It's hardly any more money than regular detergent.  Do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

I have not heard about the ammonia in the washing machine, but I'm positive they mean to use it in a wash cycle entirely alone, probably with hot water, prior to washing any clothes.  Like a disinfectant.

I started packing my bag at 32 weeks.  I'm not quite finished but you can start any time you'd like.  
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Hi newbie:

Wow, can you believe we are washing clothes already?  I sent all mine over to my mom's this weekend and she did them for me.  I have my own washer but I just wanted her to do it. hahaha  I am so mean.  She loved it - I got them back folded and on baby hangers.

I understand your question, just not sure of the answer.  I am sure some other people on here will know what to say.

do you know when your shower is?

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